So I discovered Yelp.com a few weeks ago and, after a couple of weeks of putting in a few reviews, I hit on the idea of reviewing some of the shops downtown. After three visits downtown, I came to realize that 1) it is going to take some real doing to go to all  of them and 2) every time I go I find out something neat that other people might be interested in that is more appropriate to a blog than a  review.  For example, last weekend I went down to the square to take a picture of Poppy’s Garden Cafe and, guess what?  Poppy’s sign is down and Cafe Malaga’s sign is there instead.  Now that is going to be a great combination.  Cafe Malaga’s popular tapas restaurant in Poppy’s fantastic garden setting!  Rick’s had better keep an eye out on this new contender for pre-eminent downtown dinner dynamic!

On a sadder note, One Of a Kind has a sign up (or did weekend before last) that their store will be closing and they are clearing out their inventory with a sale. I can’t remember if it was a 10% off or a 20% off but, as the name implies, each piece is a one of a kind and, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Reigning Cats & Dogs is also closing up shop and is taking advantage of the holiday shopping season to sell off the rest of their inventory.  Their web site says that they are already closed so I was surprised to see them open weekend before last. According to the cashier, we will  be getting a new ice cream shop in this location but they have some time before the new guys come in. I don’t know what kind of ice cream shop yet – if it is an independent or an ice cream chain.  Will pass along the info when I know.

Sippity Doodle is a new addition to the square that I’m dying to try out.  From what I can gather, you bring a bottle of wine and they provide the paint.  Infinity Arts Academy is another new addition, now open across the street from Coffee N Cream, offering classes in a variety of art forms to include drama, singing, dance and more.  According the Art of Dance’s web site, they are now part of the Infinity Arts Academy.

It seems like so much is happening on the square that sometimes it is hard to keep up with.  So that is what this blog is about.  What’s new on the square?

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