Corrected Sippitydoodle Web Link

Scooted over to Facebook and tinkered around enough to finally get the correct for Sippitydoodle.  It’s  I’ve corrected the link on the Shop Links list.

2 Responses to “Corrected Sippitydoodle Web Link”

  1. Topsoil Wilmington De

    Great points…I would note that as someone who really doesn’t write on blogs much (in fact, this may be my first post), I don’t think the term “lurker” is very flattering to a non-posting reader. It’s not your fault really , but perhaps the blogosphere could come up with a better, non-creepy name for the 90% of us that enjoy just reading the posts.

    • Beth

      Point taken, but I do try to stay away from negative terms. I don’t think I’ve used that term unless I was referring to myself. I frequently “lurk” too. 🙂


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