The Next Big Thing: Krewe of Barkus 8th Annual Mardis Gras Parade

The square just does something for me that I can’t explain.  Even just driving through on my way to work in the morning seems to rejuvenate my spirits.  Having newly discovered the Blackforest Latte at Spoon’s Garage Cafe, I stopped in and picked up a flyer for the 8th Annual Krewe of Barkus from the counter this past Wednesday.  I took it to work and left it with a dog-loving friend of mine, giving me an excuse to stop in again for another one (and a Pumpkin Spice Latte) the next morning.  I eventually found myself e-mailing my friend asking, “So, have you registered your dog that likes to dress up?” As I hit send, I thought that that must be the weirdest e-mail I have ever sent.  I wonder what the IT guy at work will make of that if he stumbles on it.  She has two beagles that she just dotes on, one which likes to dress up.  The other doesn’t. Go figure.

If you aren’t familiar with the Krewe of Barkus Mardis Gras parade, it is on Valentine’s Day this year, Sunday, February 14th.  There will be a parade of pooches starting at 2:00 from Mitchell park (the park with the big water fountain), looping around the courthouse on Tennessee Street and ending back at the park.  It’s not a long route but it may seem longer if you have more feet.  This year’s theme is Romance and pooches and their patrons are encouraged to dress as their favorite Valentine from TV, the movies, fairy tales, the news and politics.  I’m dying to see how the Senator from South Carolina gets represented in that line up.  There will be prizes for each category.  People are encouraged to bring their pups to participate in the parade but you do need to register first (by February 10th) and pay a $5 fee for each dog. (Participating dogs are supposed to be in Mitchell park at 12 noon (a  full two hours before the parade) so don’t be late!  Kids are encouraged to decorate their wagons and bicycles to ride in the parade as a float. The flyer promises live music and shopping galore.  The square has always done live music well and the shopping is a given. The McKinney Main Street program has a vendor registration form on their site for this event (see link below), so I’m assuming they’ll have street (tent) vendors in addition to our current shops.  The event is scheduled from 12 noon to 4:40pm, so jot it down on your calendar.

For more information on the Krewe of Barkus event, check out these links:

The Art Institute of McKinney – go here to register your dog (must be registered by Wednesday, Feb. 10th)

McKinney Main Street – go here for more info and to register as a dog-related vendor

2 Responses to “The Next Big Thing: Krewe of Barkus 8th Annual Mardis Gras Parade”

    • Beth

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 🙂

      Actually, I think the printed brochures DO say that it is patterned off of the New Orleans Krewe of Barkus. I just forgot to credit it correctly. Of course, anyone who does not automatically associate Mardi Gras with New Orleans probably does not own a computer. Or really ever leave the house much. Or own a TV. And are probably on an FBI watch list. Like, maybe the Unabomber. I wouldn’t worry about them much. Unless you’re flying. 🙂


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