The Filmore Pub & The Sisterhood Coming To The Square

I was pleased today to hear from a co-worker that the Courier Gazette had published an article on the anticipated arrival of The Filmore Pub in the downtown square. Kudos, by the way, to the Courier for being linked up to Yahoo! Local News.  Needless to say, I rushed out to read the article as soon as I could.  I don’t know how to get a permalink to the article but this link will take you to it for the time being.

They contacted the owners of The Filmore Pub, as well as others in the know, and they confirmed their impending arrival.  Apparently, the construction I can just barely see through the window is where they are enlarging the bar area.  According to the article, the construction may not be as drastic as it seems from just what I can see.  The opening is now projected to be late February.  I can’t wait!  Yea!!!!

Another thing hitting the square is a new, high-energy women’s group called The Unbiological Sisterhood.  I ran into the organizer, Sallie, on, “virtually”, of course.  The group is  ladies only and has a veritable smorgus board of events scheduled all of the time.  According to their home page on (a site for social clubs, not a meat locker), the group meets twice a month for lunch and twice a month for other activities.  So far, it appears to me that this must be a minimal estimate.  Since signing up a short time ago, there have been several events scheduled so that there seems to be at least something going on a couple of times a week. In January alone, there have been 8 events scheduled, 5 of which were scheduled in downtown McKinney – two at Yoga Unity and one each at Cafe Malaga, Coffe N Cream and Salon 209.  They also meet in Allen and will have occasional meetings in Anna, Melissa, Plano and surrounding areas. 

This is not a special interest group or dedicated to a particular activity other than girls getting together.  The group is a private group on Meetup, but that doesn’t mean it is invitation only.  Sallie only asks that members remain active by attending an event at least once every three months and it looks like that will be easy to do.    The group will not be enthusiastic to marketers but businesses interested in hosting a group event or advertising on their site can contact Sallie by clicking on the “Sponsor Our Meetup group” button on their webpage.  I’ll also add a link to the Community Links for future reference.

The Sisterhood is not the only local group on Take some time and do a search under the zip code 75069.  You’ll be amazed. 

TGIF.  I need some shoes.  Guess where I’ll be this weekend!

See you on the square.

2 Responses to “The Filmore Pub & The Sisterhood Coming To The Square”

  1. DanStar

    Hi Beth!

    Just discovered your blog through FB. What a great source of local news and info. Thanks for doing this.


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