A Magical Shoe Shopping Weekend

Great Shoe Sale at Pumps

Great Shoe Sale at Pumps

  My plan was to do a whole blog post on shopping for shoes on the square this weekend.  And I really did start out to do that.  My first stop was Pumps, a wonderful little  shoe boutique with a great selection in adorable and fashionable shoes.    

They really do have a wonderful selection.  I drooled over a beautiful pair of boots but what I needed were casual loafers.  I stopped by Arabella’s, having been in there before and noticing that they had a pretty decent shoe selection.  They still do but, unfortunately, no loafers.    

My next stop was The Little Red Hen, which carries a line of shoes that are a lot closer to what I was looking for.  I believe the brand is Nota?  It was here, where there is so much to look at, that I started getting distracted.   My husband and I did a lot of our Christmas shopping on the square and we had noticed a special Christmas ornament that the Little Red Hen carries with the Collin County Courthouse hand painted on it.  I had waited until after Christmas thinking it might go on sale. I went in last weekend and got one even though it wasn’t on sale.  (Its regular price really is reasonable).  I got to talking to the sales clerks this time and it turns out that The Little Red Hen has them made specially and they are available year round, so they are not included when the regular Christmas stuff goes on sale.  

I do want to spend a quick paragraph on these ornaments.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I really want to say “thank you” to the Little Red Hen for having them made up.  As I have said previously, there really is not a whole lot in the way of specialized McKinney souvenirs.  These are just the thing for a true McKinney lover and you can bet that, if I care enough to start a blog, I just had to have one of these.  I think it is important that we, as shoppers, reward these good ideas that the merchants have by supporting them through our purchases.  And, while t-shirts and coffee mugs are great, this trinket is unique and original and took a lot of thought and follow through on the part of The Red Hen.  So, I hope that, if you don’t have one yet, you make a mental note now to go into the Little Red Hen the next time you are on the square and pick one up. 

Hand Crafted Ornaments Available at Little Red Hen
Hand Crafted Ornaments Available at Little Red Hen

People might think that there is not that much of a market for McKinney souvenirs but, if you watch the review sites like I do, you’ll notice that we do have a pretty good business in hospitality here.  After all, if there wasn’t enough demand, it wouldn’t have made sense for The Grand Hotel to have expanded as it did this past year.  There is one store that carries McKinney t-shirts but I’ll have to look for it again.  I think I feel a blog in that.   The North Texas History Center also has some very nice McKinney souvenirs, although I am mistaken for a City employee every time I wear the t-shirt I bought from them at an event this past fall.  But I digress … 

Back to how my shoe shopping got side-tracked.  After leaving The Little Red Hen, I popped my head in at Cynthia Elliot’s Boutique because their sign was backwards.  It was obvious that they were open so I was just going to let them know that the sign was flipped when one of the ladies said “sale” and then something about a rack with some things as low as $5.  In a Homer Simpson stupor, I heard nothing past $5 and had to go in to look.  They have a HUGE sale going on right now and some of the prettiest skirts I’ve seen at very, very good sales prices.  

At this point, my concentration was completely destroyed.  I walked by Orison’s Boutique, noticing that they had a 20% sale going on, and down to the corner.  Looking down to where Herby’s recently was, I noticed this great carousel horse out in front of Main Street Magic & Fun Company. I just had to have a closer look.

Carousel Horse Outside The Magic Company

Carousel Horse Outside The Magic Company

 I had heard music coming from the Magic Company last weekend but the horse is new.  The owner was around and he came out to tell me how he had found it, and the saddled lion in front of the window (behind the horse), in Greenville.  There is apparently some discussion as to whether the lion is a lion or a tiger painted like a lion.  Maybe it is a lioness.  I think that they are wonderful.  What a wonderful idea and congrats, Magic Company, on such a great find. 

Doc Grimes Treated Me to a Magic Show

Doc Grimes Treated Me to a Magic Show

I asked him if Herby’s closing had hurt his foot traffic and he said not really.  Apparently, there are not that many magic shops around.  I knew about one down in Plano and, so, assumed that they were somewhat commonplace.  Not so!  It turns out that there are only 5 in Texas – the one here and the one in Plano and the rest are in Ft. Worth, San Antonio and, I think, Houston? 

If you haven’t stopped by their window and really looked, you should.  At a passing glance, what you see is a snowy Victorian village. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the table is floating almost a foot above the floor.  They welcome your guesses as to how it was done.  I have my guesses but I’ll leave it to you to make your own.

I also asked about their Magic classes because I had just looked at their web site recently and it looked like their last classes were in November.  It’s a glitch on the web site and they are looking into it.  In the meantime, if you are interested in magic lessons for yourself or your kids, click on the calendar on their website to get the latest info.

You really must go inside the store too.  I volunteered to help with the Ghost Walk this past year and so didn’t get to join the actual tour trip through the building.  Besides doing seances in October, the building boasts its own resident ghosts from the collapse of an adjoining wall at two neighboring shops  back in 1912.  The owner is happy to tell you the interesting stories and point out the holes in the floor from where the barstools from an age gone by were once attached to the floor.  And the visit would not be complete without a chat with Doc Grimes who delights with several magic tricks with M&Ms and a pouch full of knickels.  It really brings out the kid in you.    While I have my guesses about the window, I have NO idea how Doc pulls off his tricks. They have really gone all out here and really do a great job creating the perfect ambience of a magic shop.  I came home telling my husband all about my experience as if I was a little girl and am planning to tell all my friends, especially those with kids, that they simply MUST come check this place out.

That’s it for this weekend.  There is a free Sassy Hoops class at Yoga Unity on Monday night that sounds like fun. 

Until next time,

Happy Shopping

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