40+ Comments Made at City Council Meeting re MPAC

Well, I went to the City Council meeting tonight and I have to say that I expected more drama.  The room was packed, with several people standing along the wall that I assumed were there about MPAC but who turned out to be there for other issues.  One community has gotten something like speed bumps (but with a cooler name) and doesn’t want them.  Another community doesn’t have them and wants them.  And a third community is upset about the building of  smaller, less expensive homes by a different builder in their development which they feel will lower their property values and are inconsistent with property covenants of their development (according to their comments).

It’s not that MPAC supporters didn’t make a showing.  Two children spoke (with cute factor in overdrive) and five adults.  The Mayor then read into record about forty comments that all read very similarly.  Here is a rough break down:

Support MPAC in “current configuration”  12
Support MPAC 10
Support MPAC and opposed to modifications  5
Support MPAC open all days (opposed to only open Th-Sun) 4
support MPAC as a theatre 3
Keep Open 2
Support MPAC for kids 1
Don’t mess up a good thing 1
Support MPAC and improvements welcome 1

Most of the comments were literally that short and sweet. At least, that was how they were read out.  The speakers did a good job in getting across that MPAC is heavily utilized for kids.  One speaker said that his child attends six times a month and the Youth Actor’s Guild has tripled in size over the span of one year.  Two women also spoke to their concerns about how changes might affect the youth programs currently ongoing.  A local businesswoman and historic district resident urged the Council to solicit the opinions of a larger quorum to include non-patrons.  She also got a laugh when she approved of the suggestion of moving some of the Council sessions to MPAC so that they will experience the current seating first hand. Jack Lowry of the McKinney Repertory Theatre spoke as well before hurrying out to rejoin rehearsals that were already underway.  They have taken steps to improve their marketing through mail-outs and a series of 30 second commercials to air on Time Warner Cable in Richardson, Allen, Plano and McKinney.

Don’t forget that the link is live on the McKinney Performing Arts Center website to participate in the process by providing your input.  I put the suggestions of the Special Committee in a post on January 30th. The direct link is:


The first public forum, hosted by the McKinney Arts Commission, will be held on February 18th at 9am in the MPAC.

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