Farmer’s Market in the Morning

The next to last Winter Farmer’s Market will be going on at the Chestnut Square Village tomorrow from 8 till 12 am.  The last one will be on February 27th and then the Spring Farmer’s Market will start beginning March 6th and run every week.  Make sure you check the link for the long list of vendors.  I haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market since summer of the 2008 but I have seen a write-up on it somewhere since that remarked on the explosion of vendors there.  I am looking forward to visiting tomorrow.

I’m also very excited about getting down to see the square.  I’ve driven home through the square three nights this week and noticed that there were lights on in the location that was supposed to become The Square Burger! As far as I know, that is still on and the lights on in the evening have me anxious to see what is behind the dropcloth that covers the window.   I am just almost positive that these are new fixtures and that they had different ones lit tonight than earlier in the week.

There’s also tape crisscrossing the door where the Goodhues Martini Lounge used to be.  I can’t tell because I’ve only driven by in the dark so far but I think that the building is doorless.  That can’t be right because I’m sure that I noticed them doing interior work that they wouldn’t want to open to the frost and potential vandals.  I plan to make it a point to look and see tomorrow.

Oh, and a shout out to Smitten!  Your windows are looking absolutely fantastic at night.  Just perfect lighting and set-up.  Good job, ladies!

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