Cold Morning at Farmer’s Market

Spinner at Farmer's Market

A Cold Morning at Winter Farmer's Market

The Winter Farmer’s Market gets cancelled when there is precipitation or the wind chill is going to be under 40 degrees.  Since the thermostat was hovering right at 40 this morning, I wasn’t sure what we’d find when we visited this morning.

There were not a lot of people, but there were some.  Probably a dozen vendors were in attendence (rough guess).  Cafe Malaga was selling breakfast wraps that looked really appetizing.  Dixie’s Store was having a fire sale on t-shirts at 25 cents a piece!  They still had a lot left so it would be worth swinging by their store (by the Chapel in the Chestnut Square) some time in the near future to see if they are continuing the sale.  They are open during Chestnut tours. Needless to say, we picked up a couple and a nice McKinney tote bag for $2.

There was a man hand carving wooden figurines and a woman spinning dyed wool into yarn.  She sold the crochet pieces she made with the yarn.  Canine Cookie Company was there and one man with very little produce.  He said it had been a difficult winter this year to keep the produce growing and had to cover his cabbages with blankets at times when it got too cold.  We ended up buying a loaf of zucchini bread from the Rosey Ridge Farm vendor and 4 drinkable yogurts from Lucky Layla Farms.  I’ve already drunk up my share of the yogurts and really recommend the blackberry flavor as outstanding.  We will be going back for some more of that!  The zucchini bread was good too. These are local vendors – the artisans were from Celina, Lucky Layla is from Plano. I didn’t catch where Rosy Ridge Farms was located, but I’m sure that they are local too.

Later in the day, we went down to the square proper.  It was cold and we were on a mission to find a new canister for the kitchen so we made the trip quick.  We spied the piece we wanted first off in Plum Creek Primitive but visited a few other stores to see if we’d see something we would like better.  We stopped in at Morning Star Treasures and I was surprised by the number of people there.  It was extremely busy for such a cold day. 

I finally made it by The Bear Market, which turns out to be a store that really tries to defy description.  There are antiques.  There are mounted deer heads.  There are novelties.  The owner was full of energy and said that you could never now what you might find there.  From what I could see, she was right!

We popped into Petals & Vine and Uptown before making our way back over to Plum Creek Primitive.  Uptown’s upstairs gallery seemed to have some blank spots so I am hoping that that means that they’ve found some homes for some of the paintings.  After stopping back by Plum Creek to get the canister we’d seen right off, we went by Aparicio’s for a margarita.  I don’t remember Aparicio’s really being so “adult” so I was surprised to see ladies’ underthings above the bar and an image of Stewy from The Family Guy making an R rated statement.  As this blog is strictly PG, I’ll leave it at that and close with what items of news I noticed while on the square.

The Lavendar House is now open on Mondays.  I think that they have painted their storefront (but it might have been that way for a long time).  The bricks below the awning are painted white.

Smitten has a sign up that says that they will be open on Wednesdays by chance or appointments.  Remember, 120 will be moving in with them the beginning of next month.  Next weekend is 120’s last weekend in the current location.  Oh, and I heard back from the owner and she said that the space she will be taking in Smitten is space that had not been previously open to the public. I had been concerned that there was not any empty space in Smitten and 120 has a fairly sizeable selection of books, cards, etc. 

I did take a look at the site that was previously Goodhues Martini Lounge and it is not only doorless but pretty much frontless.  They got wise to my peeking in the window at the future site of The (Filmore) Pub and now I can’t see in at all.  😦

I’ll keep my eyes open for any more changes.  Don’t forget that next Sunday is Valentine’s Day and the Krewe of Barkus (Dog) Parade.  You must have your dogs registered ($5 each) by Wednesday, February 10th.   To register, please click here to visit the Art Institute of McKinney’s web site.  The parade is from 2:00 to 4:30 on t he downtown square.  Spoon’s and Aparicio’s have special menus for Valentine’s and Happy Trails Carriage Rides has a Valentine’s promotion on too. I’m sure that there will be other sales and other promos.  These are just the ones I’ve seen.

Next weekend looks like it is going to be a blast.

Until then,

Happy Shopping!

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