Wednesday 10th ~ Last Day to Register for Dog Parade

If you’ve been toying with the idea of walking your dog in the Krewe of Barkus parade this coming Sunday, tomorrw (Wednesday, February 10th) is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER.  It’s only $5 and this is going to be fun.  Where can you get an afternoon’s entertainment for $5 nowadays??  (Beer is extra). 

If you are ready to commit, go to The Art Institute of McKinney to register your dog on-line.

Even if you elect not to walk your own dog in the parade (or let your kid pull a wagon or ride a float slash decorated bicycle), you should give some real consideration to showing up and watching all the dressed up doggies do their thing.  The parade is at 2:00 on the downtown square and the event as a whole is marketed as being from 2:00 to 4:30.   See more details on my January 10th post. 

Since the weekend is all about fun anyway, I feel the urge to plug the Magic & Fun Company.  It is a great place to visit for both adults and kids.  I just had a co-worker come tell me today about how she and her husband checked it out this past weekend. I was glad to see she was as excited about it as I still am.  Doc Grimes did different tricks for her, making one stress ball turn into two in her hand.  In her hand, mind you!

That’s my shameless plug for the day.  But go, and you’ll be glad I mentioned it.  🙂

Can’t week for the weekend!

Happy Shopping

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