Nippy Day On The Square For Krewe of Barkus

Krewe of Barkus Parade

Krewe of Barkus Parade

When I got up this morning, my husband (who knew how much I’d been looking forward to today’s Krewe of Barkus Dog Parade) said, “Well, the good news is that an Arctic wind would be blowing out the freezing fog later on today”.  I had hoped that he was just joking until I stepped out into the freezing fog. 

It wasn’t just cold.  It was the kind of cold that turns your hands red and makes you lose feeling in your ears.  I walked up to the square afraid that no one would come.  People did come.   The cold was brutal for dogs and humans alike, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  A couple of the dogs didn’t look as enthusiastic as their chaperones, but I’m sure it was soon forgotten once they got home and warm (and probably got a treat).

The dogs gathered on the square to register starting around noon.  There were several vendors that cater to dogs, including Bark Boutique, which was rated the most bookmarked business in McKinney on Yelp as of yesterday, and The Canine Cookie Company, which is a business here in the Historic District.  Several rescue groups were present.  Even North Texas Cat Rescue was there.  

The parking lot between Mitchell Park and the square was converted into a parade marshalling field for the dogs to line up; small, medium, large and those with floats. At 2:00 the anticipated event arrived and the dogs began a short circuit around the Courthouse.  I had popped into the McKinney Performing Arts Center’s basement earlier to escape the wind and there was a wedding reception underway.  I wonder if they were surprised by the dog parade. I know that they were delighted by the people dressed as pirates who were also seeking shelter there.  (The pirates won the family prize).

The first place winner was a woman in an excellent (though unsuited for the temperatures) Valentine’s costume, pushing her pups in a decorated stroller.  There was no doubt that she embodied the very spirit of the parade and I’m tickled that she won.  I overheard her telling someone that she had passed up an opportunity to go to Vegas so that she could attend today.

You never can predict the weather but they announced that next year’s Barkus will be March 6th.  Hopefully, that will prove to be a warmer day.  I understand it was in the 80’s last year and people attended in shorts. 

I came back with so many pictures, I couldn’t choose just a few to put up here.  I ended up uploading them to Shutterfly.  That looks like that is such a good solution, I also uploaded the snow photos and quite a few other photos that I have taken on the square over the years.  They are available here:

There is not a lot of news from the Square.  Several businesses are closed on Sundays and most don’t open until 1 or 2.   The BIG news is that the old Cafe Malaga site has now become Gregory’s Bistro.  The menu is posted in the window and the prices look pretty good and the food very appetizing.  Most dinner entrees are under $20 (the Chilean Sea Bass is a little more) and the lunches range from $6 to $11. 

Special Things had the power out on Saturday but they were on and open for Barkus. They have some great prices on vintage costume jewelry.  Doll Haven and Tom Lavy’s were both closed due to power outages but I’m thinking that they didn’t expect the power to be back on so soon.   I stopped in at Patsy’s and she has some of the cutest galoshes I’ve ever seen for $35.  She also a resale rack (upscale)  now that I had not noticed before.

There are quite a few events coming up the next few months and I’ll  post some of those as soon as I get details.  There is a vintage fashion show at Cafe Malaga on the 27th from 10:30 to 12:30.  I’ve got my tickets.  To get yours, visit here: Chestnut Square and look for the “Yesterday and Today Fashion Show & Mimosa Brunch”.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

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