More Photos From Krewe of Barkus Parade 2010

Participants and volunteers got a follow-up e-mail that included links to LOTS of photos from Krewe of Barkus

To see some really GREAT shots, check out the following sites:

Shagly Photography – They’ve got some great shots.  Also check out this gallery with over 100 shots just from Barkus.   He also has a blog at  Shagly Photography Blog.  I’ll be adding that link under Blogging Shutterbugs to the right as well.

Continuity Visual Communications –  The official photographers of the event, the pictures are supposed to be in the Gallery on their web site, but I couldn’t find them.  It could be a glitch and they’ll be there later. Maybe they are there and I’m just too tired to find them at the moment.  It’s a neat site to look through at any rate. 

North Texas E-News also published this full article on Krewe of Barkus with quite a few photos.

The Courier Gazette published this slide-show on-line.

I checked McKinney Today but, beyond having one heck of a face-lift, I didn’t see anything on Barkus.  Maybe a “Search” feature would be helpful? (But it IS looking good, guys … kudos)

Next year’s theme has been announced and will be “Happy Tails To You – Barkus Salutes Texas and the Wild, Wild West”.   Remember, it will be on March 6th next year and will hopefully be a little wamer.

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