Scathing Article in Courier Gazette about MPAC

Well, maybe not exactly “scathing” but Mr Day is very much upfront and direct about his take on the current MPAC strategy discussion in an article in the Courier Gazette published today. You definitely couldn’t call this non-confrontational.

I normally try to summarize when I link to articles in case you aren’t really interested enough to actually click on the link.  This issue, however, is simply too complex and the personalities involved are two individualistic to put in a short recap.  You really should read the article.  Both Mr. Day and Ms. Vargo are well respected community members and, I’m sure, both have the community’s best interests at heart.  I would, however,  like to point out and/or comment on some points Mr. Day lists in the article.

The annual attendence numbers Mr. Day cites are amazing: 

MPAC                                  20,000
Heard-Craig House        35,000
Chestnut Square              45,000

While the number of patrons at Spoons annually is staggering, it is not really a fair comparison as it is a completely different business model.  It also doesn’t seem entirely fair to compare MPAC with other venues that have had so much time under their belt to build a good following.  However, I am not entirely saying that the comparison should not be made … mainly because I tend to agree with Mr. Day in that I think better marketing could help boost those figures.

I don’t want to discount or denigrate the existing marketing but I do have trouble when I look at the coming events and try to figure out what they are about. For instance, the Kammergild group.  I did a google trying to find something on this group but since they don’t appear to have a web site (that I can find), I can’t tell if they are a quartet or a large ensemble.  In the end, I never could really figure it out. I have no idea what Barrage is and I didn’t have time to try to figure it out when I posted on Saturday.  They perform this coming weekend. The picture looks sort of like the Stomp! performance that was popular a short while back.

Another good case in point is Joyful Dance.  Until I read this second article in the Courier Gazette (click here) , I had never heard of Joyful Dance.  And I even went down into the basement during Krewe of Barkus and picked up a copy of every brochure they had down there. 

I also tend to agree with opening the front doors. I have seen people walk up and try the doors.  I don’t know if they pursue their interest to go into the basement.  It never dawned on me to keep watching them.  Honestly, until this discussion started and I went and picked up the brochures, I thought we were only using the basement because that was the only door open.  I didn’t realize the other floors were in use. (What can I say?  I have some blonde in me.) The last time I was inside was during a tour by the Collin County Historical Society back in ’01? ’02?  We meant to go see “A Christmas Carol” but got sidetracked.

I’m not saying I have any answers or good suggestions.  I am more than happy to leave that to people with more degrees or more experience than I.  I do think that the combination of these two personalities in particular (Ms. Vargo & Mr. Day) bodes well for a good compromise that may not leave everyone happy but won’t leave either group entirely out in the cold.

Any thoughts?


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