Malaga Packed for Vintage Fashion Show

I fully intended to go to both of the fashion shows planned this week and make it to the Sisterhood’s lunch this afternoon but, you know, the best laid plans of mice and men …

I missed the Redazzle fashion show on Thursday night. I’d love to hear any feedback anyone has who went and I’d particularly love to see photos if any have been posted. I fully intend to make it next year even if I’m on death’s door (I was under the weather that night but I wish now that I had gone anyway).

The vintage fashion show this morning was an absolute success.  We met in the main room at Cafe Malaga overlooking the patio and garden.  Every seat was filled.  I think that, in several cases, parties even shared tables so that everyone could have a seat. 

Brunch was served buffet style in the bar area – eggs, potatoes, bacon, fresh fruit, some kind of scrumptious sauce and a pecan cinnamon roll.  There was plenty for all and it was more than I had expected to be included with the show.  I think the brunch alone was a hit but after awhile they reminded us that there was, after all, more to the fashion show than just the brunch and mimosas.

A lady from Chestnut Square acted as announcer and did a great job.  I don’t think that she wrote the script because she stumbled in exactly the same way that I would have over the pronunciation of the odd words used to describe elements of the fashions  (probably French) .  I really appreciated it because I don’t know all those words or how to pronounce them and I doubt most ordinary people do.    There wasn’t an actual runway.  The models came in from the door by the entrance and walked through the room and then back out. The models all did well although they did lose one who, after modeling her dress, decided to exit to the buffet instead of following “stage directions” back to the dressing area. 

There was one man present, in attendance with his wife, and he seemed to enjoy the stories of how each of the styles were criticized in their time.  For instance, special chairs had to be made to accommodate the bustles women wore and there was a time that the crinolines they wore to give the skirts the big round hemlines had trouble fitting through the doors.  He hung in there with us pretty well but some time after one of the models showed us her bustle and the narrator began to talk about when women were first allowed to wear “managed undergarments between their legs”, although still crotchless, he disappeared never to be seen again. 

We saw fashions from the 1840’s up to about the time of the Titanic.  Prizes were raffled off every so often – gift certificates to Orison’s, Pumps, Arabella’s and Cafe Malaga, as well as upcoming Chestnut Square events.  After the vintage fashions, we saw several modern selections from Orison’s and Arabella’s and some shoe selections from Pumps.  Everything looked great and I was very impressed with their fashions.  In fact, we rushed over afterwards to check Arabella’s for one of the blouses that she had worn in the show.  Orison’s, whose fashions I have to admit seemed a bit too trendy to me before, had some really outstanding outfits.

Although it was my intention to hang out at Cafe Malaga for the Sisterhood’s lunch afterwards, my friend needed a ride back to her place so we took a swing around the square first.  We had a blast and spent a lot more time shopping than we intended.  She found something she had been looking for on the Internet  and hadn’t been able to find.  As odd as that may sound, the same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I found a nifty fondue set in Uptown that I hadn’t been able to find on the Internet either.  In Swanky’s, my friend clued me in on the newest style of wearing a long-sleeved lace thingy under a t-shirt. I hadn’t seen that yet.  And I’m not going to be brave enough to do it before I see someone else first. 

I was so busy shopping, I don’t know that I caught much new news on the square this weekend.  I did notice that Mama Emilia’s has a new banner up announcing that they are now serving lunch.  I would say that there’s always tomorrow but tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.  He has decided to reverse the numbers in his age and is now calling me a cougar.  Doesn’t growing old together just get better and better?

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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    • Beth

      Great! I had hoped you would and had checked your site over the weekend. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. (Not literally, of course. Ouch!)


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