Square Springing to Life ~ Lots of New Stuff

It’s just crazy on the square right now. Crazy, I tell you.  Tons of new stuff and I can’t keep up.  In fact, there was so much I will be doing two posts today, one for news from the square and one devoted to the Save Our Museum Rally.  So here’s the news from the square:    

Ice Cream Parlor Coming Soon

Ice Cream Parlor Coming Soon


 It turns out my tip from the cashier at the former site of Reigning Cats and Dogs was good and an ice cream parlor IS coming into their former site between Rick’s Chop House and Another Place And Time.  I was fortunate to speak to Candy at Another Place and Time and she said that the ice cream parlor will be opening the beginning of April as will Square Burger.  I hadn’t noticed but my husband noticed that Square Burger put new doors on the building sometime last week.  The dropcloths are still up so I can’t tell you anymore than that on the Square Burger but I’m just glad to get news that it is finally going to open.  The ice cream parlor is an extension of Rick’s, sort of, having the same owner and peeking in the window they have made good progress in their remodelling.    

According to Candy, Another Place and Time and La Misha (the European Bistro) will be promoting a food drive next weekend for The Food Pantry.  She said that The Food Pantry really needs instant milk in 3 and 8 quart quantities.  If they could have anything in the world, what they really need right now is INSTANT MILK.     

Another Place and Time is extending their hours and will now be open until 9:00 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so that means that you can do some shopping after dinner. Woot!  This weekend they have sale on their blouses – 50% off when you buy a skirt.  I checked out their inventory and they have some really pretty things so this is a really good sale.    

The building that was previously Strada Verde and, before that,  Home On The Range but has been empty for quite some time now has signs up that the floor has recently been stained.  This is the old bank building next door to Orison’s Boutique facing the square and next to The Book Gallery on Tennessee.  It is soon to house a full-time florist and party supply store that will specifically cater to weddings.   As the square increasingly becomes practically a full service wedding destination, this is a perfect fit and may be the only thing except for a tuxedo rental that we didn’t already have on the square.  I’m not discounting A Twist of Lime, which carries flowers, is on the square and is a great place to pick up some cool gifts (they have these really great decorative writing pads for $3 you should stop in and see).  My understanding is that the difference between the new florist and Twist is going to be hours (Twist has abbreviated hours) and the wedding focus.  Twist of Lime, as I understand it, is connected to a funeral home so large orders of flowers shouldn’t be a problem for them but I don’t think that they have been actively seeking this trade.  (By all means, correct me if I’m wrong).     

Mama Emilia's Happy Hour

Mama Emilia's Happy Hour


There are going to be some happy folks at Mama Emilia’s Italian Restaurant from 11 am to 6 pm  according to the sandwich board on the corner of Virginia and Kentucky. I have the somewhat sneaky but serendipitous advantage to see the search terms people use when they find my blog.  I recently saw a search coming through asking what to wear to Mama Emilia’s.  Let me tell any potential guests to the square that no one is going to deny you service based on your clothes (I don’t think).  We have a hotel on the square and, where there’s a hotel, there are tourists.  And tourists are welcome anywhere in whatever they are wearing.  It’s a vacation, after all.  While authentic Italian sling-backs will fit in perfectly in the upscale decor of several of our restaurants, don’t feel excluded if you didn’t pack them.  My husband and I once went to Rick’s Chop House in blue jeans.  One might feel more comfortable in Sunday clothes but that is not entirely necessary.    

Orison’s Boutique is currently having a sale, 20%  off any regular-priced item (consignment items aren’t included).  My heart sings to discover that they also have LAY-AWAY!!!! One-third down and ample time to pay it off can get you into some of the very most stylish clothes with designer labels that you will find anywhere.  I used to think I couldn’t afford to dress that well, so that is a real godsend.    

My Swanky Boutique says that they will probably start opening on Sundays again soon, possibly for Spring Break.  Their stylish winter coats are currently 50% off.    

Jenny Lynn’s is continuing their inventory reduction sale and I was able to speak with someone “in the know” today that said that they are NOT down for the count.  They are wanting to lease out some of their space and they may be redoing their image but they are definitely going to be around.  I went upstairs today for the first time and I cannot  believe the variety of fabrics they have up there. If you are considering re-upholstering anything, this is DEFINITELY the place to check out.  Kudos for the great sign warning that unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy!  That is the best!    

The empty space between Patsy’s and Plum Creek Primitive has been dressed up and is ready to rent  – looks really inviting.  I spoke to the owner of 120 awhile back and she had said that that is an amazing retail space.  Apparently it has a long entrance way that opens up on a little courtyard?     

I couldn’t tell but I think something may be going on over where Chateaux To Go used to be, next door to La Misha European Bistro.  The future site of The Pub, where Goodhues used to be, is looking absolutely adorable and the redone retail space next door that was the Martini Lounge has now got a front and is looking fantastic too.    

Tea Cart for $108 at Home & Garden Consignment

Tea Cart for $108 at Home & Garden Consignment


I stopped in at Home & Garden Consignment for the first time.  They are a fairly new business, just opening this past fall.  They have a great selection of really nice furniture and you just can’t beat the prices.  This beautiful tea cart is in perfect condition, has leaves to expand and is only $108!  That is just wrong.  Someone would love this and I can’t believe the price.  Home & Garden Consignment will  take a consignment and give it floor space for a certain amount of time.  The piece will start at an initial asking price and then, if it doesn’t sell at that price, the price will go down (two more times, I think). This particular piece has been through its full allotment of time and will only stay as long as they can give it space.  I can’t believe no one has snatched this up!    

I think I’ve covered everything except for the rally at this point, so I will leave with one more picture I snapped this morning on the square.  God, I love this place.    

Cycling Group On The Square

Cycling Group On The Square


Until Next Time,    

Happy Shopping!   


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