Second Saturday Celebration This Weekend

Here is how the conversation went…

Me: “They are having Second Saturday this weekend downtown.  You should come up.”

Friend: “Really?  What is it?”

Me: “I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t been yet myself.  It looks like there are lots of displays of local artists and the shops are open from 7 to 10.”

Friend: “Which shops?”

And that is pretty much where the conversation died. Bit the big one. Keeled over. 

At the time, I didn’t know which shops because I haven’t been to a Second Saturday yet.  But she wasn’t really asking for a list of shops.  She wanted to know if Patsy’s or Swanky’s would be open.  We went shopping at both stores two weeks ago and she has tried twice now to take a friend of hers to both of those shops but can’t seem to catch them open.  She bought this really snazzy little dress at Patsy’s and I’m betting that her friend would like to get one too.  The first time they went after church but both of those stores have been on winter hours and have been closed on Sundays.  The second time was last Saturday.  I got a text around 4:00 that they were heading to the square.  I’d already been to the square that day (that was the day of the Museum Rally) so I texted her back that Orison’s and Another Time & Place had sales going on.  Maybe they didn’t make it to the square quickly enough.  That can happen.  It’s her weekend and she isn’t on a schedule. Maybe they went to Landon’s for a glass of wine first, not knowing that many of the shops do not stay open into the evening. That’s possible. She likes the square but she doesn’t live and breath it like I do.  It is simply a choice on her life menu. She may rather be on the square but she can just as easily go to Watters Creek. I understand. 

The good news is that both of those particular stores are planning to start up their spring hours soon and will be open on Sundays.  Swanky’s said last week that they might even be starting their spring hours for Spring Break, which I believe starts this weekend.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Patsy’s starts opening on Sundays this weekend too.  She was just waiting for good weather.  I’ll make a point to ask again.

Unfortunately, neither shop is open for Second Saturday extended hours.  None of the clothing shops are.  All is not lost though.  Many of the other shops are.  Main Street has a list of vendors that will be participating in the Second Saturday extended hours on their website (click here). The art galleries and the restaurants are a given, so here’s a quick listing of the shops you might not know are going to be open.  Keep in mind that this is a snapshot in time and you should check the Main Street web site whenever you want current information.   

Smitten & 120 – remember 120 just moved in with Smitten in the beginning of March. This is a Martha Stewart playland. Somewhere, she has a room that looks like this.

Another Time & Place – a sampling of unique items (including some beautiful skirts and blouses) from around the world.

The Brier Patch – loads of neat trinkets. (Honestly, I’m not as familiar with this one. I remember it as being more of a primitives store similar to Plum Creek. I’ll have to make a point to check in there and really look).

The Cup Filler – Christian books, art and novelties.

Decoratti –  Antique store, mostly furniture, has this one piece in the back near the register that came from an old fabric shop and is really adorable.  She was using it to display items but said she would sell it if anyone wanted to buy it, so I can’t promise it’s still there.

Heirlooms – Antique store, emporium-style, wide selection – vintage clothing, hats, jewelry, furniture, decorations … you name it.

Homepieces – Quality antique furniture – you never know what you’ll find. This is the place that had the wicked cool drafting table a couple of months back.

Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop – Texas-made sauces, pickled everything, pie fixin’s – lots of tasty samples. (I highly recommend the Chocolate Amaretto Peanut Butter and the Pumpkin Butter).

MorningStar Treasures – Another antique store, big, includes more furniture items but still lots of small items.  One of the more architecturally significant buildings downtown, it is a treat just to go inside this store even if  you aren’t into antiques.

Rejuvenation Life Spa – one of the people connected to this building just published a book and has been doing interviews.  I bet she’d appreciate a congratulations. 

The Sample Shop – Tons and tons of gift ideas… it’s sort of like your grandmother’s Spencers (it’s all clean humor, strictly G rated).

Happy Trails Carriage Rides is listed so I am guessing that means that the horses will be down on the square this Saturday, ready to amble through the historic district.  You know what this spells?  A great date night.  You’ve got dinner, a nice stroll, lots of art and a little shopping. Lots of time for conversation and the carriage ride to top it off and really ignite the flame (or keep it going, as the case may be). Don’t forget that McKinney Repertory Theatre will be performing Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite this Saturday at 8PM.  It looks like Sunday’s matinée will be the last performance, so this will be the last weekend to catch it.

Also, La Misha and Another Place and Time are sponsoring a drive for the McKinney Food Pantry which really needs INSTANT MILK in 3 and 8 quart containers.  They will be having special promotions to benefit the Food Pantry.

That’s about it from me today.  Don’t forget to stop in at Garrett Art Gallery and congratulate them on 25 years in business (and check out Jodie Baldwin’s downtown McKinney water colors).

I ran across an interesting post from a personal blog called Junky Trinkets about a visit to Laura Moore’s Fine Art Gallery during last December’s Second Saturday. The author says that is the place to be.  I’ll leave you with a link to the post.  (It has pictures).

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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