Rock ‘n Roll This Weekend

Signs are up all over downtown announcing DD & The Studebackers who’ll be performing a ’50’s Rock ‘n Roll Show this Saturday at 8:00PM at the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC).  Tickets are $16 for adults and kids are free.  Visit to get yours.        

Grand Opening For Uptown Gallery

Grand Opening For Uptown Gallery


Another event being advertised is a Grand Opening of the Uptown Gallery on April 10th from 6 to 9 PM.  You can go up now. I looked in the window and it doesn’t look like they’ve closed off the stairway. I’ve been up there several times.  It is a neat perspective to look down on the shop or out onto the street from the gallery, what I would have called a loft. There has been a fair mix of art in the past – some phenomenal, some, well,  not so memorable.  The picture on the advertisement is one of the paintings that I would call phenomenal.  There are several others of a similar skill level.  I imagine that there will be more for the grand opening.  They will be serving cocktails and hor d’eourves at the opening, as if the art weren’t enough.         

If you read my post about how much I liked Jodie Baldwin’s watercolors of McKinney’s downtown over at Garrett Art Gallery, you really should look in their window now. There is a much larger painting,  oil (I think), of the downtown that catches the Smith Drugs storefront.  It is really something.  I couldn’t quite make out the artist’s signature.  They also have a sign up that they are selling McKinney t-shirts for $10.      

Speaking of Smith’s Drugs, there is an exhibit in the window by kids from The Art House.  If you are passing by, be sure to look.      

The florist going into what I’ve been calling the Strada Verde building may have been getting more attention than they really wanted at this point. They have a makeshift sign up that says that they aren’t open yet.  They’ve got an intricate design on their window, but no words yet.  I’ve heard that they are going to be called “And The Party Never Ends“.  I’ll let you know as soon as I see an Open sign show up in the window.      

I stopped by The (Fillmore) Pub but I still can’t tell if they are open.  Their blinds were drawn and they have none of the normal signs up (e.g. Open, Hours, Credit Cards) and I didn’t try the door.  There were children on the outdoor patio area but there is also an uncovered electrical plug (the wires were capped), so I don’t think that they are quite open.  Hopefully, they will give some indication when it is okay to stop in for a nightcap.      

Don’t forget, Zane Williams will also be performing this weekend – Friday at 8:00 PM. More information is available about Zane at his official web site:   Tickets range from $16 to $21 and are available at      

That’s about it from the square for right now.  Spring is bursting forth in the Historic District and it is perfect weather for walking.       

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers


 Until next time,      

Happy Shopping     


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