Road Trip For Raffle Tickets Ends at Rick’s Chophouse

It’s been a remarkably uneventful day and I’ve found myself with a great deal of a commodity I am unaccustomed to having – time.  As I tend to do when I have time, I was surfing the Internet … and going several pages deep on my searches for interesting things having to do with McKinney … when I ran across this one, “Steering For Scholarships”, on the McKinney Education Foundation site. 

It’s on April 10th and  it sounds like some type of odd cross between a progressive lunch and a poker run. Participants will begin the day at 7:30 AM for what is called “Show, Shine and Stage”.  I am assuming (and hoping) that this is in reference to their cars, which is sort of ironic considering that the raffle ticket that is part of the package is for the chance to win a 2010 Ford Fusion.  Between 8:30AM to 12PM, participants will drive to five different locations to collect stamps to qualify for a chance at an extra raffle ticket and a “special surprise”.  I’m just reading their web site.  I have no idea what the “special surprise” is.   

The five locations will be (1) the Independent Bank Corporate Headquarters in McKinney, (2) The Texas Vineyard Homes in Blue Ridge, (3) the Leonard Dairy Queen in Leonard, (4) the Cotton Gin Cafe’ in Prosper, and then ending at  (5) Rick’s Chophouse in McKinney for lunch.

I’m thinking that this really does sound like fun.  Particularly checking out the homes in Blue Ridge.  I am wondering if they really are near vineyards.  Our area is popping up vineyards like crazy and it would be a nice change from golf course homes, though those are nice too. It might be living in France to look out your window and see vineyards.  I looked up their website to see if they really have vineyards, but I couldn’t tell.  (  My husband (not a native Texan) loves to point out when something is named completely incongruously given its surroundings.  Like “Hillcrest” when there is no hill and no crest. But that’s a tame example.  It does happen frequently, though, so I’ve become leery of just going by a name.   

But, seriously, back to the road trip,  this is a good cause.  The MEF provides scholarships for deserving McKinney students that have the desire and potential to bring pride to themselves and McKinney through a higher education.  This is also a good deal.  The raffle tickets normally cost $100 a piece.  In the $200 donation requested for participation, you get one raffle ticket, lunch at Rick’s Chop House and the chance at a second raffle ticket.  I read earlier that they will be limiting the total number of raffle tickets to 999, so your chances of winning aren’t that bad either.   It looks like you can just join them for lunch at Rick’s for $50 or, of course, just purchase a raffle ticket for $100; however, as I said earlier, I am just reading their website. For full details, check it out at


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