Incredible Desserts at The Pub McKinney

I’ve already posted my review on Yelp and alerted my Yelp foodie friends in Dallas and Arlington, so it’s only fair to throw a shout out to those following events on the square.  The new pub, The Pub McKinney, has the most incredible desserts.  That’s not all it has, but, really, these desserts are unbelievable.  The food’s great, the beer selection’s great, but the desserts will simply take your breath away. Oh, and the remodeling is fantastic.  But the desserts …. you must stop by, if for no other reason than to try the flourless chocolate cake and the bread pudding.  You won’t believe that they are both just $4 a piece. The bread pudding portion is humongous.

The Pub on Urbanspoon

It was too windy today to make a complete circuit around the square.  So here is what I noticed between the car and the pub.  Doll Haven was having a sale (looked big, they had product out on the sidewalk).  The ice cream parlor coming in next to Rick’s Chophouse is coming right along.  They are now hiring and it looks like all of the fixtures are in place.  They have a menu leaning up against the wall and their brewed coffee prices are very reasonable – under $2.

It’s great weather again and there were people sitting out on the patios at both Rick’s Chophouse and Landon’s Winery.  The patios were somewhat sheltered from the wind by the buildings.

In other news, according to, China Gate has re-opened but the first review isn’t great.  Hutchin’s BBQ got a glowing review.  Hutchin’s is not on the square or in the historic district but it close by (on Tennessee almost to 380) and it is a personal favorite.  I had their smoked turkey the last time I was in and it was fantastic.

That’s it for this weekend as I’ll probably be in the garden tomorrow. 

Have fun on the square.


10 Responses to “Incredible Desserts at The Pub McKinney”

  1. Vesta

    There is absolutely no way the The Pub’s bread pudding matches Gregory’s bread pudding. We need a duel.

    • Beth

      Oooooh! That sounds like fun! I haven’t had Gregory’s yet. I’ve been wanting to get down there ever since I read that he was one of the chefs at Three Forks. (I think it was Three Forks).

    • Beth

      You know, I read “duel” and thought taste-off. I’m afraid you might win a real duel. We’ll have to see about a taste-off though. That would be so much more fun than trying to kill each other. 🙂

  2. Silky Hart

    I’ll have to chime in here. I absolutely adore bread pudding, and I have to say the bread pudding at Gregory’s is divine. Now, I simply must go to The Pub and taste their bread pudding. I do think a a taste-off would be better than trying to kill each other!

    • Beth

      I have got to get over to Gregory’s to try their bread pudding. I’ve been lobbying my husband but he keeps telling me that I married a burger man. I wrote to Ty at the CVB and asked if she could swing an official “taste-off” between all of the downtown restaurants for their desserts but I haven’t heard anything back yet. I still haven’t had any of the pies from the The Pantry or Spoons either and they are supposed to be stellar. I’ve also been wondering if The Cake Stand sells cake by the slice. It would be so much fun to just go from place to place having desserts but I would gain so much weight in that one day!

      • Silky Hart

        A “taste-off” would be so much fun. As far as bread pudding on the square goes, Sauce also has an outstanding bread pudding.

        Yes, the Cake Stand sells by the slice.

        The chocolate chip pie at The Pantry is pretty darn good. I’ve had the coconut cream pie at Spoons which was quite tasty.

        Can you tell I’ve take the “dessert tour” around the square?

  3. Vesta

    OK, I tasted the bread pudding at The Pub last night. It’s better than Rick’s, but nowhere near the life-changing experience of Gregory’s. So, no need to duel. I’ve decided.

    • Beth

      Rick’s has bread pudding TOO???!!! I heard just recently that the Sauce does too. But then I guess they would since Rick’s and Sauce have the same owner. I also just found out that The Cake Stand sells cake by the slice. I want to go try them all but I am going to gain soooo much weight! Have you tried Churchill’s pavlova?

  4. Vesta

    Haven’t tried the pavlova, but I will. The problem is that I have to be strategic about dessert. If I eat a real meal, I won’t have room for dessert. So I have to go into the meal knowing I’m getting dessert. Like the other night, I just ordered the baked brie (one of my all-time-favorite foods) and the bread pudding. At least the brie came with apples, so I didn’t feel too bad about eating a meal of cheese and dessert . . .

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