Sippity Doodle Is Back On The Square!

Sippity-Doodle is back!  

They have a new name … Sip-n-Doodle

and a new location …         In the MPAC (the courthouse)

and a new website …

Looks like their first class will be Tuesday, April 6th.  Considering the art History Brown Bag on the 7th, the 42nd Annual Collin County Art Show that weekend, the grand opening of Uptown Gallery, Laura Moore’s new exhibit unveiling and the Second Saturday all falling on the 10th, this is a fitting week to begin a venue that encourages putting fun into art.

I didn’t make it to Sippity when they were in their old location, the basement of the bank building where And The Party Never Ends is coming in.  I didn’t find out about them in time so I am so glad to be getting a second chance!  From what I understand, you bring your friends and your favorite bottles (or cans) of bubbly.  They supply openers, ice, paint and inspiration so you can kick back with your buds and dabble some paint and enjoy a relaxing evening of “down-time” while exploring your creative side.

They explain it so much better.  I “borrowed” the below straight from their website.  For more information, check their website:

You can paint. No experience necessary.

Here is how it works – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY:

  1. Check the Calendar and pick the night that you want to create. Select that night and reserve your space.
  2. Show up! Don’t chicken out! Bring your favorite beverage. We supply glasses, openers, ice chest, paint, canvas and brushes.
  3. Don’t think you can do it? The instructor will be recreating the featured painting and will offer as little or as much guidance as you feel you need. Before you know it, you will release your inner artist and voila! Have a masterpiece to take home that evening.



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