Check Out “McKinney After Dark” on The Gulch Gallery

I was drifting along on the Internet when I started following a stream of conscious surfing that lead me to The Gulch Gallery.  First, I was reading about Zane Williams and how well he has been doing building a local following here after moving here from Nashville.  That article mentioned a singer/songwriter night at The Cadillac Pizza Pub so I surfed on over to its site to see if they have a regularly scheduled open mic night that should be listed on the Activities page.  It turns out that they have tons and tons of great photos on their site and a link to the photographer, Dan Simmons, at The Gulch Gallery. 

Of course, I checked out his blog.  But I was so intrigued by his work that I then checked out all of the other pages on The Gulch Gallery and, lo and behold, I found this … possibly the best collection of downtown McKinney photos that I have seen to date:  McKinney After Dark.  I have tried and tried to take photos after the light has begun to dim and it just doesn’t work for me.  There are some shots with blur in the collection but it’s nothing like what I come back with and I don’t even attempt night shots any more.  Amazing work.

Hover your mouse over the left or right side of the current photo to move through the collection.



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