Civil War Skirmish @ Chestnut Square This Weekend

I was so focused on all the Second Saturday art goings on coming this weekend that I completely forgot about the big events at Chestnut Square.  Since this is just a block or two off of the square, it would be silly to see one and miss the other.  I normally don’t “borrow” content but I’m making a special case in this instance.  My neighbor forwarded the following e-mail to me and it is just so perfect that here it is intact.  (She may have gotten it from somewhere else, possibly the Chestnut Square site, so if someone wants credit for authorship, please let me know!)

On Saturday April 10 and Sunday, April 11 the Yankees and Confederates will take over Chestnut Square Historic Village! 

Teaming with the Chestnut Square Living History Group, the Collin County Civil War Living Historians will provide the Confederates and the Venturing Crew 25 will provide the Yankees from the 25th Iowa Infantry.  Come on out to learn more about life during the Civil War and see skirmishes like the ones that occurred throughout the South during the Civil War years. 

The skirmish at 2:00 pm Saturday will see the Federal soldiers occupy Chestnut Square.  Will the Confederate soldiers take Chestnut Square back on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.?  Be there to see who wins! 

Demonstrations on Saturday from 10 to 2 include a Confederate and Yankee camp, musket firing, life of a soldier, drill  and firing, field office and medicine and surgery (not for the squeamish!).  Civil War Ghost Stories take place next to the Taylor Inn from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. On Saturday night. 

Demonstrations continue on Sunday from 1 to 4 with a skirmish again at 2. 

Admission is free.  Musket firing costs 50 cents and donations are requested for the Ghost Stories.  Stage coach rides are $4 with children under 3 free. 

Come out and enjoy Collin County history up close! 

  For more information about the April Living History Days, contact Chestnut Square Historic Village at 972-562-8790 or or visit our website at

Don’t forget that the North Texas History Center has a full Civil War exhibit as well.  If you enjoy the skirmish at Chestnut Square, be sure to pop over and look at their exhibits too!


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