Shopping Report From The Square

I stopped by downtown hoping to catch Sharla’s Cosmetics open again. When I stopped in last time and got the robin’s nest with egg-shaped soaps, she had said that she had facial moisturizers with UV protection and without perfumes for around $40.  Since I have a day at Scarborough planned in the near future and I have had difficulty finding a facial moisturizer not loaded with perfumes, I am anxious to give her’s a try.  Unfortunately, I had missed her.    

Since I was downtown, I took a swing around the square to see if there has been anything new to pop up.  Special Things was open, so I just had to stop in and take a look around.  As usual, she has lots of neat things (many beautiful) and this little leaf-shaped bowl with a little frog on it caught my eye.  I agonized over it for awhile but it was only $18, so it came home with me.    

Dish From Special Things

Dish From Special Things


The space between Special Things and Petals & Vine Home Couture has a Certificate of Occupancy posted on the door for a new business called Chick Charm.  This is the space where Sugar Plums was before they moved over by The Sample Shop. There have been no visible improvements on the space so it will probably be some time before Chick Charm actually opens up but it will be worth watching to see what they are all about.  This particular stretch of the square is home to U Bee Dazzled and Made of Sugar & Spice Girly Girl Parties, both of which cater to young girls.  One is girl’s fashions and the other is a party venue for girl’s parties.  I quite often see a gaggle of girls coming or going from a party at Sugar & Spice so it’s perfect positioning if their target audience is pre-adolescent girls.  I may be reading more into the word “chick” than is intended.  It could just mean “women”.  If anyone knows, please fill me in!     

I stopped by Doll Haven to get a picture of this little infant in the window.  I peeked in and they have tons of toys and dolls – it looks like even more than they had during the Christmas season.  They had a huge stuffed St. Bernard that would have been such a cool gift for a baby shower I have to go to next week.  I don’t have kids.  I know a huge stuffed St. Bernard wouldn’t be useful to a new mother.  It would, however, be cool.  🙂    

Infant Doll at Doll Haven

Infant Doll at Doll Haven


Orisons Boutique was open.  I think that they may be keeping later hours as I see them open quite frequently.  And The Party Never Ends has a sign up saying that it will be opening soon. It does looks packed in there.  It could be any time. My Swanky Boutique still has a sign up showing that they are closed on Sundays.  I am beginning to wonder if they are going to ever be open on Sundays again or not. I stopped by Patsy’s as well but there is no sign for hours or days so I still don’t know if they are open on Sundays.  Anyone know?  I really want one of the denim jackets they have in the window.     

Just two doors down, between The Palace Barber Shop and Plum Creek Primitives, that beautiful space for lease I mentioned in my post from March’s Second Saturday has a new tenant!   Facets, which is currently next door to Harry’s Boot and Shoe Repair, will be taking the space as of June 2nd.  This space is absolutely beautiful and it’s going to be a great location for Facets.  They will really be able to take advantage of the front window to display their wares and draw people in.  This space was lit up the night my husband and I had dinner in Churchill’s and sat on the second floor looking down at it.  It is pretty in the daytime but I think it was designed to be lit up at night.  Whoever designed the interior of this space did a fantastic job.  Kudos!    

Facets is Moving to 202 Louisiana

Facets is Moving to 202 Louisiana


There are no visible changes to Square Burger though it is supposed to open some time this month.  It may be like The Pub McKinney and just magically open for business one day without any kind of notice.  I’ll try to keep an eye on it.     

Paciougo Gelato looks ready to open any time.  The tables are in place, the menu is up on the wall.  It looks like they just have to try the light switch on and open the doors. I am pretty sure I have misspelled the name.  Have patience.  I’ll get it right eventually.    

This would be a good weekend for either or both of them to open.  The square is usually deserted on weekday nights between 5 and around 7’ish but it was very busy today.  I think that there were a lot of people bringing in their art for the 46th Annual County Art Show that starts tomorrow in the basement of the Courthouse (MPAC).    

Balaam Gimble's Gumption

Balaam Gimble's Gumption


Guess what came in the mail this week? I still have to finish the novel I am currently reading, but this is next on my list.  Good or bad, I will take it down to the library after I am done. I had checked to see if they had it first but they didn’t.  They said that they couldn’t guarantee that a donated book would be put into circulation but might if I included a note as to why I thought it should be.   For new readers, Balaam Gimble’s Gumption is a novel by a North Central Texas author about a small town that tries to attract people by marketing a sulphur spring that is found on Balaam Gimble’s land.  Balaam Gimble, from what I can tell, is the sole voice of reason and isn’t behind the scheme.  At least, that is the gist that I have gotten.  The story has been picked up by local production company Blue Logic and a 15 minute teaser was shot to promote the potential film to investor.  The town hall scene was shot inside the McKinney Performing Arts Center and the film was screened in the Courtroom Theatre.  I think that makes it relevant, don’t you?    

I can’t wait ’til this weekend!    

Until then,    

Happy Shopping   


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