Downtown Merchants with YouTube Channels

Awhile back I wrote a post on the 3/50 Project, an internet movement to save the bricks and mortar stores by encouraging people to pick their 3 favorite locally-owned stores and commit to spending $50  a month between them.  The movement discourages Internet purchases and I wanted to point out that several of our local merchants actually have good e-commerce sites, so that is a kind of indiscriminate thought. 

By the way, I missed listing an awesome downtown merchant’s e-commerce site in that old post.  Jenny Lynn’s Too has an absolutely fantastic full-service site at

At the time of that post, I knew about the North Texas History Center’s  YouTube channel.  They have quite a few videos posted, mostly to do with the Civil War.  Let me just say this about YouTube.  It is NOT easy to find YouTube Channels.  (It is if you have an e-mail address, but how are we to know which e-mail address a business might have used?)  I stumbled across another Channel sometime last week and that led me to spending a couple of nights looking for more and was the impetus for this post.

I created a new link section in the sidebar for YouTube Channels. Many haven’t been uploaded to in awhile and who could blame them?  It’s hard to find these channels!  So here is the list of the downtown merchants I have found with YouTube channels so far:

Happy Trails Carriage Rides

Landon Winery

McKinney Performing Arts Center

The North Texas History Center

Rejuvenation Life Spa

Spoons Cafe

The Pantry Restaurant

Impressed? Surprised?  I was.  I tried to find others and there may be others out there, but this was all that I could find.  I was surprised to not find a channel for Cadillac Pizza Pub but there are tons and tons of videos that were filmed there and posted by individuals.  I was also surpised to not find Main Street Fun & Magic Company or Chestnut Square. Both are primarily visual places that would be able to present themselves well through visual media. 

This strikes me as a wonderful marketing tool if for no other reason than the fact that people like me can embed their videos either in a blog like this or on the Idea board for my meetup group, the Unbiological Sisterhood.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a novel.  For instance, McKinney Performing Arts Center just recently posted this video advertising a musical coming up May 20th to 23rd.  If you just told me the idea, I’d probably pass.  As it is, I am probably going to go.  Not only that, but I may bring a lot of people with me.

If you have a YouTube account, you already have a Channel.  It’s that easy.  I think it automatically shows all of the videos you’ve favorited.  Worried?  You can change the setting to show nothing, to show favorites or to show selected favorites in playlists.  Since there are a lot of private individual videos posted, I set up my account with a McKinney playlist.  You’re welcome to check it out.  (I’ve already gone through and cleaned my account up).  The address is  It’s just a hodge-podge of what I considered to be relevant to downtown. I especially like this one, entitled “Amazing Guitar Kid”  filmed at Cadillac Pizza Pub

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Please let me know if you find any other downtown merchants on YouTube!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


2 Responses to “Downtown Merchants with YouTube Channels”

  1. Cinda Baxter, The 3/50 Project

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about The 3/50 Project, Beth. Every voice out there counts!

    As a point of clarification, any brick and mortar store who also operates an e-commerce site is, well….still a local brick and mortar store to customers who live in the area. Having an additional sales channel doesn’t take that away, or remove The 3/50 Project’s loyalty toward them.

    It’s when a consumer purchases from an online retailer that’s *not* in their immediate community that every penny of the purchase goes somewhere else (remember, if they actually collect sales tax, it goes to the state, not the city the consumer lives in).

    Thanks for allowing me to set the facts on track!

    Cinda Baxter
    The 3/50 Project

    • Beth

      Thanks for the clarification! It is one of my hopes that more of our downtown merchants will realize the marketing potential of the Internet more fully and this is an important clarification to help to not dissuade them from that. It is too easy to see the Internet as a faceless villian instead of a tool.

      I love the idea of the 3/50 project and it is such an easy idea to commit to. Thank you for coming up with the idea and all the work you’ve put into making it work!


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