Home Locations Selected For Garden Tour

Have you looked at your copy of McKinney Living yet?  Of course, I’m biased when it comes to the square but they really have a great issue this month. (The square is heavily featured).  I was especially interested in page 36 … the article on Summer Scented Splendors – McKinney Garden Club’s 2010 Home and Garden Tour.  If you didn’t get your copy of McKinney Living, it’s also available on-line at http://www.neopapervault.com/ml/main.php

This will be a two-part event this year:

EVENING GARDEN PARTY – Friday, June 11th from 7 AM to 9 PM

Held in the garden of one of the homes on the tour, party-goers will enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, music and conversation. 

HOME & GARDEN TOUR – Saturday, June 12th for 10 AM to 4 PM

Private residents open their homes and gardens for the tour that will include historical, tropical and organic gardens as well as outdoor living areas  with winding paths, pools and ponds.  Tour locations have been announced on the Garden Club’s  website at http://www.mckinneygardenclub.org/.

“Golden Glory of Generations Past” – 404 N. Church Street  – Paypal Will Call tickets will be available here. By the way, Church Street has just been exploding with newly renovated homes.  I wrote a post to a different blog recently about how Church Street has been changing here (http://livinginthehd.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/the-changing-face-of-church-street/)

“Glory of the Garden” – 501 Heard Street – Note: This garden was invited to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens a few years ago.

“A Trip to Bountiful” – 406 Heard Street – Note: This organic gardener pens the blog Make McKinney Weird.

“A Garden Symphony” – 801  West Hunt Street

“European Escape” – 206 North Morris Street

“Outdoor Living at its Finest” – 2715 Clublake Trail – This garden will also be the site of the VIP garden party on Friday.

“Old World Revisited” – 1503 Silverlake Road


Tickets for the Saturday tour will be $15 a piece.  Tickets that include the garden party on Friday night AND the garden tours on Saturday will be $35. There are three ways to get tickets:

1.  Tickets can be purchased on the day of the tour at any of the houses on the tour.

2. Tickets for the Saturday tour can be purchased through PayPal on the Garden Club’s website RIGHT NOW!.  They will be available for pick up at 401 N. Church on the day of the tour: http://www.mckinneygardenclub.org/garden_tour_1234.htm

3. After May 10th, tickets can be purchased at the following stores:

Shades of Green
Calloway’s Nursery
Cynthia Elliott Boutique <– Downtown Merchant!!

If you like downtown, there is nothing like the Historic District.  Horse’s hooves clip-clop by, sometimes the equine patrol, sometimes Happy Trails Carriage Rides. The bells from the First United Methodist Church ring out and, during the Christmas season, peal out Christmas carols.  Classic shrubs bloom profusely this time of year.  We who live here couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  Tours like these are real invitations by real people to share our joy in our homes, our neighborhoods and our gardens. 

Proceeds from the tour will be used by the Garden Club to beautification projects and furthering education.


2 Responses to “Home Locations Selected For Garden Tour”

  1. Vesta

    Here’s an added incentive: we’ll be firing up the brick oven in the backyard and serving little bites of homemade pizza, too. Can’t beat that!

    • Beth

      I can’t wait! That oven is the coolest but I never make bread dough to have an opportunity to come over and ask to see it in action.


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