News From The Square Plus Ghoulies and Ghosties

This is just a quick post because I have just a little bit of news but I’m kind of excited about it. 

First of all, I drove around the square three times on my home today.  I didn’t really mean to but it happened.  Here is what I could see from my car.  Tomorrow, I’ll take my camera down and bring back some pictures.

1.  Infinity Arts Academy has repainted their front!  It’s a bright red.  Not fire engine red but it is really noticable.  It certainly stands out now.  It sounds like I’m giving it a back-handed compliment  but I don’t think that they are done yet.  I definitely like it better than the nondescript color it was.  Infinity Arts Academy is fairly new.  Not brand spanking new but new-ish.  I think.  It might have been there for awhile and I never noticed it before the end of last year.  This is across the street from Harry’s Boot & Shoe Repair, Brier Patch and the former storefronts for Facets and 120, Inc.

2. Speaking of 120, Inc., it appeared someone was checking out their old space today as I drove by.  The door was open and there were at least two people looking around.  Can’t conjecture what that was about.  I’m just saying that they were there…

3.  Construction materials were sighted on their way into the future site of Patina Green Home & Market. Yea!

4. I remembered the item I forgot and couldn’t include in my weekend post.  Cynthia Elliott Designer Apparel and Boutique has a sign up in their window announcing a 60-day lay-a-way! 

5.  I found the following video posted to YouTube today.  Okay, there’s no ghoulies.  I don’t think.  I don’t actually know the technical definition for a ghoul.  I think it’s bad though.  Ghosts, on the other hand, we have.  The video is a commercial for last year’s Ghost Walk Tours produced by the Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team (TXPART), our local paranormal society.  The Ghost Walk is a Chestnut Square event but TEXPART is a natural contributor to the event.  Obviously, we’ve missed the Ghost Walk for last year but the video has a lot of photos of our downtown buildings, some catchy music and snappy editing.  Kudos to TEXPART!  For more information on TEXPART, see their website at

I’ve added this video to my playlist of favorite McKinney videos at

6.  One last thing, McKinney Daily Photo was down on the square this past weekend.  This is another blog that I follow religiously.  His posting for today is the antique ambulance used by Harmony Health, a holistic family practice office catercorner to the First United Methodist Church.  Be sure to check out his photos at

I promise I’ll have some photos tomorrow!

Until then,

Happy Shopping!


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