Showing Off The Square

The plan for showing off Texas to my friend from Colorado was to do the square on Saturday and Scarborough on Sunday.  If the weather would have held, it would have been a great plan.  As you probably know, Sunday’s weather was cold (50’s) and rainy.  If it could only have been like Saturday!   

Saturday was a perfect day.  Cool, but not too cool, and just enough sun to get some decent shots.   

Irises at Chestnut Square

Irises at Chestnut Square


We started off at Farmer’s Market at Chestnut Square.  Everything is blooming.  I came home with tons of photos of flowers.  I can’t help it.  They’re so pretty.  We were lucky enough to catch the owner of the Main Street Magic & Fun Company performing tricks for a group of kids.  I had not realized that the Farmer’s Market regularly schedules live entertainment during the summer season.  (A schedule of entertainment is available on their web site.) The Magic Company had actually been on my list of places to show off.  Most of those shots came out “fuzzy” but this one is decent.  He had just cut open  an orange to reveal a piece of paper folded inside that couldn’t possibly have been there.    

Main Street Magic & Fun Company Was At The Square

Main Street Magic & Fun Company Was At The Square


We  enjoyed the market.  My friend bought some muffin mix from one of the vendors. I would give them a plug but I can’t remember their name and I don’t recognize it from the list of vendors on the Chestnut site.  Interesting fact, however,  bags of muffin mix cause your bags to be checked on airplanes.  Didn’t know that.   

I got this great picture of a chicken.  Indulgent, I know.  But I really like chickens.  I thought the vendor with the chicken was “Good Earth” but they aren’t on the list either.  Oops.   

Chicken with Good Earth

Chicken at Farmer's Market


After that, we hit the square.  The garage sale I’ve mentioned in previous posts was going on and some of the young people who stand to benefit from the proceeds (getting a trip to camp) were out steering drivers to the right location. I had not recognized the group “Young Life” but my friend did and she filled me in on what they do.  They are a youth organization similar to the Y.  I checked out their web site,, and it looks like a great organization. It turns out that the Young Life area office is at 201 1/2 Virginia, so it is a downtown organization.  I’ve added their link to the Community Links section in the sidebar.  If you weren’t able to make it to the garage sale or would just like to make a contribution, just click on “Donors” on their site.   

Garage Sale Girls

Young Life Teens Advertise Garage Sale


I forget sometimes how much there is on the square. We went by Loco Cowpoke.  We went by Mom & POPcorn Candy Company.   

Mom & POPcorn Candy Store

Mom & POPcorn Candy Store


We stopped in at the North Texas History Center and checked out their exhibits. I especially liked their hands-on exhibits in the basement.  My husband and I each picked up the rifles and they are heavy! It’s hard to believe the troops marched for miles upon miles in all kinds of weather with those heavy things.   

Sam Houston Plaque

Sam Houston Plaque


(By the way, there is an excellent post at that explains the circumstances behind the quote on this plaque.) 

 We checked out the Courthouse.  They were setting up an event in the basement gallery so we didn’t go in there but we went up and looked at the theatre.  The seats on the sides and some in the back have seat cushions! I snapped a picture of  the sign advertising the “Join The Jury” promotion. The seats with covers appear to part of this promotion.  In return for a gift of $350, MPAC will affix a name plate to one of the additional seats.   I’ll have to look next time to see if there are name plates on any of the seats with cushions.      

Join The Jury

Join The Jury


 I had hoped we would be in the mood to go and investigate the historic Flour Mill across McDonald from the square but the stairs at MPAC really finished us off.   I had also intended to take in the tour over at the Heard-Craig house but we were all so pooped it was time to head back to the house.  Have you ever noticed the intricate detail over the JC Penney ghost sign next to Walls of Clay?   

Art Decco

Art Decco On The Building by Walls of Clay


 It is so easy to show off our area.  We walked over by Tucker Street on Board Street.  I’ve always loved this back yard.   

Walking Through the H.D.

Walking Through the H.D.


 So, that was my Saturday on the square.  I asked my friend if the blog had represented McKinney correctly.  She said that it had given the impression of being a small town to her because of her personal background and she was surprised that McKinney is not really as small as she had thought.  But then, that’s McKinney.  A big town with a small town atmosphere. I think that’s how the advertising goes.    

Until next time,   

Happy Shopping!  


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