Hidden Gem – Hamm’s Custom Meats

One day as I was walking down on the square, a frustrated driver stopped me and asked me for directions to Hamm’s.  She’d actually driven right past them but didn’t see their signs.  Hamm’s is easy to miss.  It is next door to the Main Street Magic & Fun Company.  The building is set off from the sidewalk and has covered parking in front that can obscure the front window, making it hard to find if you don’t already know that it’s there.     

Ribeyes from Hamm's

Ribeyes from Hamm's


   My husband is King of the Grill so we always find a meat market wherever we live.  When we lived in St. Petersburg (FL – not Russia), there were at least two close to our neighborhood and they also had produce.  Maybe it’s a Florida thing … all that outdoor living, you know. Here, Hamm’s is the only independent meat market in McKinney that we know of.  We are lucky that it is close to our house and a good meat market.  We stopped in today and got the ribeyes (pictured above)  and a big package of skinless, boneless chicken breasts.  The prices are comparable to the grocery store.  Ribeyes today were $13.99 a lb or you could get prime cut for $16.99. We opted for trying the prime cut this time.   The chicken breasts were $4.49 a lb.  You might get cheaper somewhere else, but probably not better.     

Chicken Breasts From Hamm's

Chicken Breasts From Hamm's


  Hamm’s is supposed to be well-known for its honey-glazed hams. I haven’t had one of their’s yet because my company always provides a ham at Christmas.  Eventually, I’ll try it.  I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried one.  I’d also love to try their chili bricks.  I think I’ll have to try one of those exclusively for a blog post.      

By the way, McKinney Chamber of Commerce has launched a new program called McKinney First. “Be Vocal.  Buy Local.”  Hamm’s is a excellent candidate for people who want to participate by buying local and eating well. Look for it the next time you are downtown.    (Take your checkbook.  They take personal checks but not credit cards). 

Until next time,     

Happy Shopping!    


3 Responses to “Hidden Gem – Hamm’s Custom Meats”

  1. Robin

    There’s a distinct possibility that I need to have ribeye for dinner now.

    That shop did look closed; they need to repaint their signage or something?

    • Beth

      They could use a sponge and some soapy water on their front but they would have been open when we were down there. Even then, I think the problem is the how the awning shadows their front and makes it look a little dark, like they might be closed. If you were in Texas, you could be having steak tonight. wink, wink.

  2. Robin

    With the week I’ve had, don’t tempt me… You’ll have a roommate before you can say Medium-Well


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