Stores Moving Around On The Square

I noticed a “For Rent” sign up in the window at Yoga Balance Studio a little while ago.  According to their web site,, they will be moving to a new location at 5881 Virginia Parkway as of June 1st. 

There is also a sign up in the window across the street from Landon’s Winery and Spoons that Home & Garden Consignment will be moving into this space sometime soon (no date was listed). 

Home & Garden Consignment is Moving

Home & Garden Consignment is Moving


I didn’t think to stop by their current location to see if they are still operating until the move.  Anyone know?  I didn’t see anything on their web site,  The last time I looked in the door, which wasn’t that long ago, they still had all their inventory on the floor but there were a couple of rolled up rugs thrown casually by the door.  I figured that they were moving items around or it was new stock not yet put away.  At the time, I was just checking if the tea cart I have posted about previously was still there. 

Tea Cart at Home & Garden Consignment

Tea Cart at Home & Garden Consignment


It was.  I just shook my head.  It is in perfect shape and was marked down to only $108.  I think Home & Garden will be pleased with the new location which, between Spoons, Cadillac Pizza Pub and Landon’s, has the potential for tons of foot traffic.  

Thirty Minute Parking

Thirty Minute Parking For Voting


There have been so many opportunities to vote on different things, I’ve just about lost track of the occasion for the 30 minute parking around the courthouse. I think that this is for a bond election.  Since I’m all about the shops and the more superficial (and therefore more fun) activities on the square, I’ll leave it to the newspapers to cover this.  I just liked the signs. 

In other news, the old Greyhound bus station north from the square on Tennessee has been bought up and will be re-opening sometime in June as Diggin’ It. My understanding right now is that it will be offering decorative art for your back yard garden but I haven’t had a chance to confirm yet.  I have an e-mail in to the owner.  Her background in antiques, historic homes and lush back yard gardens qualifies her to do just about anything with substantial flair.  Will fill you in as soon as I have more information. 

Until next time, 

Happy Shopping! 


4 Responses to “Stores Moving Around On The Square”

  1. Dennis Haberkern

    Businesses downtown come/go/move so often I can never keep track. Thanks for keeping us informed. All of those businesses on the square owe you a “thanks” too.

    • Beth

      I know! I had no idea how much happened down there until I started blogging about it. My friend from CO asked me what I was going to do when I ran out of stuff to blog about and I just laughed and said I wouldn’t run out.

      Someone needs to go by that tea cart. All my furniture is rustic but I bet it would go great in most of the homes around here!

  2. Robin

    Give your kitty the new tea cart; he’ll have it looking rustic in no time!

    • Beth

      That’s true, lol! I was just noticing what he’s done to the bar stool and wondering what to do about it. I’m not terribly fond of those bar stools anyway.


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