Shelby & Company Is Expanding

I stopped in tonight at Shelby & Company to get my hair cut and colored and I also got some news on the square.  Shelby & Company is expanding their current space to take in the storefront that used to be 120‘s.  There is now a door between the two spaces and they are hoping to be actually using the new space by this weekend.    

Hempz Brand at Shelby & Company

Saw This Cute Brand While I Waited - Smells Good


Along with the expansion will come some new services.  Tiffany George will be offering pedicures and manicures and they may also be bringing in a nail technician for doing acrylics.  Clinic Esthetica, which is currently across the street (next door to Imaging on the Square), will also be offering services at Shelby’s.  Clinic Esthetica offers botox, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal among other services.   

I just had to take a photo of the Hempz scented moisturizer while I was waiting for my appointment.  I put a dab from the tester on my hand and it has a subtle, pretty smell … not reminiscent of rope at all.   

Until next time,   

Happy Shopping!  


5 Responses to “Shelby & Company Is Expanding”

  1. Silky Hart

    Hey Beth,
    I stopped by on Tuesday for a haircut with Shelby and was thrilled to hear about the expansion. By the way, I highly recommend Shelby!

    • Beth

      I go to Tiffany but I’ve seen Shelby work too and they both do a fantastic job. What I find so cool about Shelby & Co is the conversation between literally everyone on site. This is the only salon I have been to that is just like the movies where everyone chats with everyone else.

    • Beth

      Thank you for the tip! I added a link to her spa under “Downtown Beauty”. There seems to be more and more little businesses opening up in the immediate vicinity of the square so that I am not so sure where the square “ends” anymore.

      • Silky Hart

        Yvonne is FABULOUS! She customized my facial and sells some great skincare products. Her spa is so pretty and inviting. I highly recommend her!

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