Best Kept Secret of Historic District – Crump’s Garden

When we first moved to the Historic District, I tried to kill myself putting in annuals.  My neighbor, who has turned out to be a wonderful friend, told me we had to go to Crump’s and told us how to get there.  When you have a large garden and to fill it with annuals means flat upon flat of flowers, you really can’t beat Crump’s Garden.  Really.  I go to the big home improvement chain too, just because it’s closer.  Of course, I pay three times as much for a smaller variety of the same plant.  Sometimes, it can’t be avoided.  Like many of McKinney’s independent businesses, Crump’s Garden is not open on Sundays (according to their web site).  Correct me if I’m wrong … I’d love it if it turns out that the are actually open on Sundays.  

(Update 5/2 – Their Garden Center page says that they are open 12 to 5 on Sundays.     Thanks to Disinter for finding it.  Their About Us page says that they are closed on Sundays.  If anyone has been out on a Sunday and know for sure that they are open, please let us know!) 

Crumps Garden

Crump's Garden


Crump’s is not in the Historic District.  It is a resource for gardeners everywhere and it is not likely to be stumbled across unless you already know it is there.  We took the trip out today looking for honeysuckle.  We went up McDonald to FM 543 and crossed west over Interstate 75.  Crump’s is on the left side of FM 543 a short jog from 75. They don’t have the huge variety of plants that you find crammed into the huge home improvement stores.  By the same token, you find a lot more of the plants that do well in this area.  You won’t have to be double checking that that tropical perennial will actually survive in North Central Texas.  They don’t carry honeysuckle.  Oh well.  But they had tables packed full of lantana for $1.50 a plant. And these were much bigger than the lantana I’ve seen available (and bought) at other places.       

Crump's Garden       

They also have a lot of althea (“Rose of Sharon”) at very reasonable prices.  Althea are a flowering tree that is very hardy in this area and one of my favorites.        

I ended up buying 3 lantana and one “hot pink” autumn sage for about $15.   I have backed off from planting annuals.  My theory now is to fill the yard as much as possible with perennials.  Once I have no more shrub space, I’ll start with annual beds. And this is where I’ll be coming to get them.        

Don’t forget that May is McKinney First month.  “Be Vocal.  Buy Local”  Crump’s Garden is an excellent example of a local business that deserves local support.  Please be sure to check out the McKinney First Facebook page that was launched today.       

Until next time,       

Happy Shopping!    


3 Responses to “Best Kept Secret of Historic District – Crump’s Garden”

      • Beth

        I bet the garden center is open on Sundays and the flower delivery service is closed on Sundays. Plausible?

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