News Tidbits From the Square

I haven’t posted much in the last few days.  It’s not that there is nothing going on the square at the moment.  In fact, there is so much coming up that I am frankly overwhelmed. I had originally tried to remind folks about all the great events coming up but there are just so many, I really can’t keep up without forgetting something really cool.  Besides, there is already a wonderful resource for this – the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has done a stellar job with their web site.  The calendar has every event listed (Click on the “May” button on the right side of their web page) and they have an e-mail system that sends out a synopsis of events quite frequently.  Scroll to the bottom of their page and enter your e-mail address. I promise, you won’t be deluged and the mails you get from them are very, very good.

So, for what is going on right now, right this very minute …

I saw a sandwich board in front of The Pub McKinney this weekend that said that they are now offering brunch from 11 to 2 on Saturdays and Sundays.  After-church crowds standing in line at a chain restaurant might want to keep that in mind.  I know it’s a pub but buying beer is not a requirement. Though, if the creed allows it, they’ve got a good selection.  

For that matter, we have a lot of good after-church restaurants.  Churchill’s has a killer French Toast selection.  The Pantry is tailor made for an after-church crowd.  Spoon’s apple-smoked bacon is to-die-for and they are open Sundays 7:30 to 3:00.  El Juarez is open on Sundays 9:30 to 4:30.  I’m not sure if Aparicio’s is open or not. 

In related news, Gregory’s Bistro announced today that they are bottling their Rosemary-candied Ginger Vinaigrette for sale.  A 9 ounce jar (15 servings) is $8.  They are making them fresh to order so they are asking patrons to call them, 972-548-1920, to let them know to bottle some up.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to one day see this in the grocery store and be able to say that it was a staple at your home before it ever hit the shelves? It’d be sort of like buying Newman’s Own directly from Paul Newman.

The blog has a new look.  I don’t like it as much as the old one but I needed the room up top for the pages.  I’ve added a page called “Downtown Weddings”.  There are so many great photo blogs that feature downtown McKinney venues, I wanted to make a page linking to them so that brides-to-be who stumble on this blog find something that gives them a feel for what downtown has to offer.  One of the posts I found is an oldie but it’s just so cool, I have to mention it specially.   This post on JIMAGES Contemporary Wedding Photography blog is priceless and anything but contemporary.  This 2009 wedding (okay, so it’s not that old) was a Bonnie & Clyde themed wedding at The Bingham House.  Complete with zoot suits, flapper dresses and even toy store tommy guns, this wedding and reception must have been a sight to behold.  I particularly like the shot in the street with all the guys in their tough-guy poses.  Although everyone usually looks happy at weddings, you can tell that these guys really had fun.  In fact, I have to wonder who enjoyed this wedding more – the guys or the dolls.  (Obscure musical reference, there).

While I am not listing all the events coming up, here are the events that I’ve got my eye on that I’d like to get to if I can:


Second Saturday Art Walk  – Add Spoon’s Garage to your list of usual suspects.  Along with the art galleries, I know this spot will be featuring great artists and I plan on trying to swing by. Just about everybody listed in the sidebar to the right under “Downtown Art” will have something going on. 


Soli Drum & Dance Festival  – This is at Old Settler’s Park Friday through Sunday.  They have a lot of workshops for playing drums and dancing to them and they also have public shows throughout their schedule.  They have a party scheduled at 8:30 on Saturday night and the Grand Finale is 7:00 on Sunday night.


McKinney Art Walk – I’ve never been to this but this is supposed to be huge – the kind of thing where they close down the square for foot traffic only.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

Cowboy Supper &  Desperado Days at Chestnut Square –  But I must go to this too.  Dutch oven dinners on Saturday and outlaw re-enactors on Sunday.  That’s going to rock.

Helen Hall’s Birthday at the North Texas History Center – Saturday, May 22nd from 2 to 4 PM. 

See what I mean?

Oh, and there is one more thing …  according to, the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau will be launching a video contest.  We’ll have until Labor Day to make some great videos about what it great about McKinney.  I’ve got my eye on Craig’s List for a video camera. 

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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