CVB Announces Details of Video Contest

The details are now posted for the video contest sponsored by the McKinney Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.  I’m so excited!  Click here for details.  

They are wanting 30 second to 5 minute videos that promote why people should come to McKinney (or why residents should remember to look to our local area for things to do).  

While they encourage the use of models, they will need a signed release from them allowing the city to use their images in advertising.  If you aren’t planning on using models, remember to be careful when capturing other people in your shots.  As long as a person is not the focal point of your shot, my understanding is you don’t have to chase down everyone on the street to ask if you can use the shot.  I’m not an attorney, so that’s not legal advice.  

I try to avoid catching people in my shots.  Sometimes it’s impossible.  I’ve been doing this for so long now though that I tend to forget to take pictures of my family even when they are the whole reason why I went somewhere.  I went to Ennis yesterday to visit my mom and came back with two photos of the police station, several of a grackle in a bush and one of each of our dinner plates.  No people.  No mom.  So, this can go too far.  But the grackel in the bush was cool. 

Bird in a Bush

Bird in a Bush


 The most challenging thing is going to be a soundtrack.  There are free soundtracks available on the web, pretty odd sounding sometimes but allowed to be used.  YouTube does not allow the use of copyrighted songs to serve as background.  They do, however, have a cool feature that allows you to swap the sound on your uploaded video with songs that have agreed to be used for videos.  When the video plays, a pop-up comes up at the bottom so that people who like the music can buy it from iTunes.  Once you make the “swap”, your original soundtrack is lost forever so don’t delete your original if you want to change your mind later. 

Although I am competitive by nature, I also want to see everyone win.  I know that’s at odds.  As I find useful resources for the video contest, I’ll let everyone know.  Given the nature the contest, there won’t be any losers anyway.  

Good Luck! 


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