Second Saturday Rocked Last Night!

Each Second Saturday seems to boast more and more activity.  I started off a little before 7PM at Laura Moore’s Fine Art Studios where Don Simmons and Guy Giersch had their work up on exhibit and it took me about two and a half hours to make it around the square.  I tried to capture some of the energy of the evening in a 20-second video in front of Spoons.  It goes to show me that the video contest is going to be harder than it sounds. 

There was so much live music last night!  It is amazing how many open air acts we can have in the same area and none of them interfere with each other.  I believe the person singing the Simon & Garfunkel cover at Spoons was Erik Erickson.  As you can tell from the video, he’s got the sound down.  He’s so close, in fact, I am slightly concerned that YouTube is going to strip the sound from the video.  It’s not Paul Simon, though.  

Violinist by Smitten

Violinist in Front of Smitten


 I got a list of performers in my e-mail Saturday morning before I headed down.  It’s not complete, though, because it doesn’t list the performers in front of Garrett Art Gallery.  They were great and came very close to performing the unusual request of “Funk Soul Brother” as I went by.  They had the music down … just needed the words.  My favorite was the Doors’ “People Are Strange” coming out of Lone Star Wine Cellars when I went by.  Now, that was something. According to my list, that was Brent Burwell.  The entire list that I got was: Rick’s Chophouse – Jon Griffin, Cadillac Pizza Pub – Andrea Dawson, Spoon’s Garage – Rachel Briggs, Spoon’s Cafe – Erik Erickson, Cafe Malaga – E-Flat Porch Band, Aparicio’s – The Vinyl Spiders, La Misha – Tom & Kate, Coffee N Cream – Ed Vargas, Landon Winery – Jon Christopher Davis, and Lone Star Winery – Brent Burwell.  Clearly, someone could come to Second Saturday just for the no-cover music. 

The lists that are published about which shops are open late on Second Saturdays are not reliable.  For example, Patsy’s was on the list I got but it was not open.  MorningStar Treasures was open and was my first stop after Laura Moore’s.  

MorningStar Treasures

MorningStar Treasures


 I know I’ve mentioned this store before but I don’t remember if it was on this blog.  This is the most gorgeous building!  I went up the stairs on the left as you come in the building.  It is maze-like and crammed full of antiques.  I had never gone up the stairs in the front before.  From here you can look through the transom windows to the street below or get a bird’s eye view of the store. I asked permission to take the shot above.  I found several pieces I liked – a curio cabinet for $18, a print of an old railroad depot for $20 … all of the prices seemed so reasonable.  There are lots of armoires for less than $500.  On the top level (on the side in front of the antique elevator) there is was a new-looking pie safe for just over $100.  Amazing prices for such good quality.  I ended up buying an adorable teddy bear broach downstairs for only $10.  I really suggest stopping in and checking out this store to anyone in the area.  

I lucked out and The Bear Market was open.  I got to chat with the owner and it turns out the reason I can never catch her open is that she is normally only open from 1 to 4 on weekdays.  They may open for more hours later but they are happy with business at their current hours so we’ll just have to wait and see.  I was tickled to catch her open this time though and I got this adorable cat figurine for only $6.50. 

Cat Figurine from The Bear Market

Cat Figurine from The Bear Market


My Swanky Boutique was also on the list but it wasn’t open either.  Orison’s Boutique, however, was and tonight was my lucky night.  I found the most adorable dress there for only $37 and enjoyed some great chatting.  None of us understand why the square is such a well kept secret.  I was pleased to find someone else who agreed that it would be so nice if the square was closed to auto traffic, though we all also agreed that that couldn’t happen until the parking garages that are being talked about become a reality.  I know I got honked at once crossing the street from Cadillac’s Pizza Pub to Spoon’s Garage.  Like you are really going to get some speed up between the stop light by Spoon’s and the stop sign next to CASA.  Get real.  But, anyway …  

Vintage-style Dress From Orison's Boutique

Vintage-style Dress From Orison's Boutique


I stopped in a Garret Art Gallery where the work of Dave Maxwell was being featured.  He has some awesome watercolor work.  One painting that really stood out was not Maxwell’s. It was from Dobscha’s Studio.  There is art that you can buy for your living room.  There is art that makes  you admire the skill or the process involved.  Then there is art that makes you say, “I feel sad when I look at this” and turn to your company and ask how it makes them feel.  Dobscha’s art is this latter kind.  His studio was open so I wandered up the stairs next to Garrett’s.  He has some amazing work.  There is no question of talent.  His talent is stellar.  His art is jarring.  It will make you think.  A lot of artists try to do this but only succeed in achieving shock value.  That’s something else about Dobscha’s work that I like.  A lesser artist would only be able to achieve shock value.  It is clear that that is not his intent and he’s succeeded in steering clear of that.  Superficially, it would also appear that there is a potential for sexual fetishism in some of this new series.  Again, it is clear that that is not his intent either.  I would love to hear him speak at length to what his thoughts are.  His series gave me a lot to think about.  Two of the three pieces I saw featured extremely strong women.  Dominating.  Aggressive.  I am most curious as to how this was produced by a male while clearly not being a work of fetishism.  I can’t be that different from other women.  A lifetime of trying to figure out where we fit in. How we fit in.  Not that men can’t help us to see ourselves without trying to imprint us.  It’s just that that is uncommon in our parts, given the prevailing religious sentiments.   We know what is inside of us, what we are capable of – and what we are not.  But what is he seeing? Is she a heroine or a villain? My heart says both.  What is he saying?  I hope others see and speak on  this series.  My only concern is this – is McKinney ready for this kind of art?  I sincerely hope that people do not let this kind of art get pushed to Dallas or Austin because we are incapable of honestly looking at how we feel and how our realities fit together with our ideals.  Sometimes art is the best way to point out when there is an issue that really needs to be addressed.  

Wow.  I didn’t mean to go off quite that far and long.  Second Saturday, for me, was a tremendous success in terms of both art and shopping.  I made it by Spoon’s Garage but they were setting up for the Mother’s Day buffet taking place today.  The artists had moved up to the corner where they got more traffic anyway.  It was nice to meet them and stop and chat for awhile.  I also caught up with Lynn Hubner in the Uptown Gallery and admired her lithography work. I am seriously considering checking out the McKinney Art House where she has her studio.  The Art House owners were also out displaying their pottery.  Some, on display at Garrett’s, was quite involved and it would be so cool to be able to produce something attractive and useful. 

Second Saturday on the Square

Second Saturday on the Square


In other news, Chick Charm is coming right along and inventory is starting to show up.  It can’t be too long now before they are open. 

Chick Charm Stocking Up

Chick Charm Stocking Up


I hope to get by the Soli Drum Festival next weekend and I’ll definitely be checking out McKinney’s Art Walk on the 22nd.  

Have fun on the square! 


2 Responses to “Second Saturday Rocked Last Night!”

    • Beth

      Isn’t it?! I usually just go into Orison’s and drool. They have the most beautiful dresses and skirts. I can’t wait to wear it.


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