Update on Lamar Street Post Office

Someone can’t sleep.  So I was catching up on my blog reading when I ran across this article practically fresh from the virtual presses.  Apparently, the City Council overturned the Historic Preservation Advisory Board’s denial for the First United Methodist Church to tear down the old post office on Lamar Street.  They don’t have carte blanche though.  They are not allowed to actually tear down the old building until they have the permits and construction plans for the new building. 

According to the article, Historic Preservation Officer Guy Giersch said that he hoped that they wouldn’t build in the same faux gothic style as the original building because it would actually degrade the authenticity of the original sanctuary.  I see his point and hope that his advice is heeded.  He knows what he is talking about.  I doubt that they would match the sanctuary though because their last addition was complimentary to the architecture of the old sanctuary without being full-out in the same style.

To read the original article (it has pictures), click here:



2 Responses to “Update on Lamar Street Post Office”

    • Beth

      I know it sort of looks it, doesn’t it? It was actually built in 1958. I think it looks really utilitarian but a lot of folks around here love the building and are upset to lose it. I feel for them. We’re not going to all agree all of the time and there are never any clear winners or losers in this sort of situation.


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