Grand Openings and a Gun Raffle

I drove around the square on my way home and the plastic sheeting if off of the windows at Square Burger.  Yay!  Finally.  However, there were no “Open” signs or, really, signs of any kind that I could see.  There were people inside but they looked like they were related to the business.  One table might have been guests (they weren’t wearing the same shirts).  I googled them and found a phone number once I got home.  They said that their grand opening has been postponed until next Monday (June 14th), although their response sounded tentative.  I am assuming that is just the official opening as grand openings generally occur several weeks after the first guests are officially allowed in.

Speaking of grand openings, Sip-N-Doodle announced their grand opening for Tuesday after next, June 15th, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.  They are located in the courthouse (McKinney Performing Arts Center or MPAC) and will have $5 off coupons at the opening.  Sip-N-Doodle provides space and supplies for people to unleash their inner artist while sipping on their favorite beverage with friends.  For more information, check out their web site at (also linked under Downtown Crafts in the sidebar).

Other openings coming up are:

Dawgs N Hawgs – biker bar on Louisiana by McDonald – tentatively June 14th
Patina Green Home & Market – old items made new, collectibles – June 26th
Diggin’ It – former antiquer turns focus to garden art on Tennessee street – sometime soon

There were a couple of interesting things in my e-mail too.

The North Texas History Center has a very unusual raffle going on.  For $50, you can purchase a chance each week to win a gun.  It took me awhile to find the right web site to get the details because it looks like the museum has a new web site up and running.  They really are raffling off guns.  From their web site:

By purchasing your ticket you are entered into a 52 week drawing for a gun.  NTHC will award the winners an Academy Sports gift card for the value of that week’s weapon.  It is the winners right and responsibility to choose what will be purchased with said card.  Not all Academy Sports stock all weapons, some may have to be special ordered.

It stands to reason that you also have to qualify to own a gun in the state of Texas.  The name on the ticket must pass a NCIS background check.   For more details,  see their web site at:

Chestnut Square Historic Village is starting up their Front Porch Fridays volunteer program again.  Given the upcoming crank-off, they have moved the first Friday for June up to this Friday and could really use the help of anyone who can spare some time to help.  Front Porch Fridays are from 5 to 8 pm and they will provide dinner.  For more details, check out their web site at:

So, that’s it for today. 

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


2 Responses to “Grand Openings and a Gun Raffle”

  1. Vesta

    Raffling off guns is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I wish I could say “only in Texas”, but I doubt it. Perhaps “only in America”. (sigh)

    • Beth

      I know what you mean and I’m a little concerned about what might happen if someone misused a gun after winning it in the raffle. They still have to qualify just as if they bought it themselves but you know how juries can go. Hubby pointed out that you win a gift certificate so you don’t have to buy a gun if you’d rather have a kayak. Personally, I’m going to buy a ticket but I don’t know what I’d get if I won. I would like a kayak. One thing though, this should certainly get them some much needed attention and, being a deep red state, probably the kind that could spell $$$.


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