News on the Square

It looks like Yoga Balance will be moving into their new digs on Virginia Parkway on the 15th.  There old space next to Happiness is Quilting looks like it’s empty now. They’ve got pictures up on their web site of their new space and it looks fantastic.  (   Good luck guys!  

Happiness Is Quilting is sponsoring a quilting contest where the voters are us!  There are a lot of different quilts currently on display in different stores downtown.  We are encouraged to stop by Happiness is Quilting for a list of where the quilts are, visit the other businesses to view them and then come back to vote.  Voting is open until July 4th.  

Dawgs N Hawgs and Square Burger may both be opening on Monday but these dates sounded tentative from both of them.  I try to drive around the square on my drive home from work each evening.  I’ll make a point to swing by both to keep an eye out for any open signs.  My neighbor shot me an e-mail and it sounds like Square Burger is offering organic, locally produced beef in their burgers.  More on that as soon as I find out.  

Mama Emilia’s Italian Restaurant hung a new sign out the other day.  I’m pretty sure it’s a new sign.  They might have been just been tightening bolts.  

Mama Emilia's New Sign

Mama Emilia's New Sign


There’s construction going on inside where Capitol Loans used to be (across the street from Happiness is Quilting) and there is already a new business in the old One of a Kind location (next door to Stained Glass of McKinney).   I checked out the website,, and it looks like they have a variety of workshops.  There was so much going on this weekend that I didn’t even hear about their free workshop offered this Saturday.  According to their web site, they offer one free introductory workshop a month.   

Actor Workshops

Actor Workshops


Considering the sudden influx of film to the Metroplex area, this might be something worth looking into if you have the face and/or personality suited for film (I’ve got a look great for radio, lol).  Here’s a list of the workshops they have listed:  

  • Kids Acting For Camera – 1 week workshop
  • Auditioning For Film – 1 week workshop
  • Acting for Film Classes – ongoing
  • The Beginning Actor – 1 week workshop
  • The Professional Actors Academy – 12 weeks (semester 1)  & 3 weeks (semester 2)

Sounds pretty cool.  Nice addition to the square!  

Until next time,  

Happy Shoppping!  


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