McDonald Street Courthouse a Possible Campus?

It’s a slow news week on the square in the heat of the Texas June sun.  I’ll be popping down there this weekends to get some photos but there’s not much new news that I know of. 

Mama Emilia’s was doing something with their new sign this evening.  I think that they were adding a menu.

Churchill’s put up a new sign to let people know that they have an upstairs.  If you haven’t been, that is where the bar (and the darts) and the fireplace are. It really looks like they’ve kept everything original up there.  I was told once that it is the oldest building on the square but I don’t know if that is true or not. It’s certainly believable.  I am planning on hitting the library sometime to do a little research.

It looks like there is work being done on the front of where Yoga Balance was.  I’ll check it out closer over the weekend.

I ran across this article a little while back about the possibility of the McDonald Street Courthouse being used as a college campus.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic location for a college campus?  I can just see Coffee N Cream and Spoons Garage overflowing with college types taking advantage of the free wi-fi.  All the history to appeal to alert minds, all the boutique shopping for fashion-conscious young women…

I went to school at UT Arlington, a serious commuter school.  There was nothing in walking distance.  I would have loved a school with so much around it.  Particularly that last semester when I had morning and evening classes and too  much of a commute to go home in the afternoon.  To think I had little other choice but to sleep in the student union and college kids here would have all of downtown to explore. 

I seriously hope this pans out.  It is a truly perfect fit.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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