Brier Patch Retiring ~ 50% off Everything

We finally made it down to Dawgs N Hawgs for lunch today!  They serve a good dawg there but we were the only ones in the house during lunch hour.  They are talking about doing a promotion next Sunday with babes in bikinis offering free bike washes.   

Driving through the square afterward, we saw the billboard up for The Brier Patch’s retirement sale.  

Brier Patch Sandwich Board

Briar Patch Closing Sale


If you haven’t been in the Brier Patch before, they are a lot like Plum Creek Primitives, stocking a lot of country home decor, primitives artwork and the like.  It’s a geat little store and I’ll be sorry to see it go.  The owners are retiring and are liquidating their inventory through the 50% off sale that will be going on until the end of the month.   

The Brier Patch Closing

The Brier Patch Closing


They still have plenty of stuff for sale and they are still bringing inventory in.  For around $34, I got a cookbook, a decorative serving bowl, a cute little pin cushion and a wooden duck.  I especially love the duck.   

Wooden Duck from The Brier Patch

Wooden Duck from The Brier Patch


I didn’t spend much time on the square due to the rain.   

(updated) I could have sworn that there was a yoga place in this building but I can’t figure out which business it was.  The last time I went by the window was broken but there were flyers still out, so I thought maybe that they were still there.  Today, it looks even more that like the building is empty.  Does anyone know what was there? Have they moved somewhere?   

What used to be here?

What used to be here?


I swang by where Diggin’ It is going in on Tennessee Street.  They are hoping to be open by the end of the month.  It’s looking good.   

Don’t forget tonight is Second Saturday, rain or shine.  There will be tons of live music at virtually every place that serves food or drinks.   

Until next time,  

Happy Shopping!  


2 Responses to “Brier Patch Retiring ~ 50% off Everything”

    • Beth

      Ohhhh… I just realized that Yoga Unity is next to Lulu’s. But there was something in this location that I thought was Yoga classes. What was in here, do you remember?


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