Historic Run Coming Up Benefits Cat Rescue

It’s time again to register for the 2010 Run On! Historical Run benefiting the North Texas Cat Rescue.    

The race is from 7 am to 9:15 am on Saturday, August 7th and will have a 1-mile and a 5K through the Historic District.  Course maps are on the official site (link below).  Pre-registration ends on July 28th but racers/walkers can register up to the day of the race.  Both courses will pass by some beautiful homes but the 5K goes down Tucker which is arguably one of the prettiest stretches down here.  Of course, then it goes up College Street and the houses there are just breathtaking – some of my favorites in the district.  Honestly, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite street on these courses.  They made a good selection.    

For more information or to register, see the official site at:    


This is a good opportunity to introduce one of the cats saved by the NTCR.  This is Oscar. He is our baby and a connoisseur of sleeping spots.  Personally, I think the choice of a still warm pizza box was brilliant.    

Oscar on Pizza Box

Oscar on Pizza Box


When we got him, he was hardly bigger than my husband’s hand.  He was soooo tiny.  Being cat lovers, we thought everyone would prefer a kitten.  They are just so adorable.  It turns out that that is not the case.  The SPCA often has to make the regrettable decision to destroy kittens too young to be considered marketable.  The North Texas Cat Rescue does its best to rescue these kittens and foster them until they can be adopted.  Oscar was one of these.  If he had not been rescued by the NTCR, he would have been euthanized.    

Oscar on Couch

Oscar on Couch


 I’ve discovered that he and his brother, Pete, who is also from a cat rescue operation, love fleece.  During the winter, we would compete for the cozy blanket.  I do not exercise my size advantage.  The blanket was first come, first serve.  I did, however, exercise my plastic card capabilities and got them each their own fleece bed. I was trying to increase my odds for the blanket but it was a win-win all around.    

Oscar in His Bed

Oscar in His Bed


They seem to like them.     

I hope you consider supporting the run. Someone, somewhere, will seriously love the cat you help save.    

Until next time,    

Happy Shopping!   


2 Responses to “Historic Run Coming Up Benefits Cat Rescue”

  1. Tyler


    Looks like a very friendly cat! Just an FYI, the two distances are a 1 mile and a 5k, not a 5 mile. 5k’s are around 3.2 miles. Great work on the blog!

    • Beth

      Thanks! I’ve corrected the post. Oscar is very friendly but quite often acts aloof. His brother, Pete, is the friendliest cat ever and is rarely ever aloof. Loves to be hugged. I think Oscar prefers to be admired. 🙂 We love the heck out of them both.


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