Boyd Veigel Building For Sale

I was just looking at videos on YouTube and found this one for the Boyd Veigel Building (I didn’t know that was the name of the building before seeing the video) that is for sale on Louisiana street. 

I’d love to see this sell and have more boutique shops come in.  Maybe shops that won’t close just as I am getting off from work? This is the building just on the other side of The Pantry, across the street from Heirlooms and Jenny Lynn’s, and its current vacancy presents a bit of a “boring” stretch right at the end one of the busiest parts of the square.  If this stretch were filled with retail, it would connect the square proper with McDonald Street, in terms of foot traffic.    

Another reason the video caught my eye is this random shot I took last Memorial Day.  I know it’s a weird picture but I just love all the lines and angles in it. It’s one of my favorite shots that I don’t really expect anyone else to “get”.  

Boyd Veigel Building

Boyd Veigel Building


Until next time, 

Happy Shopping! 


2 Responses to “Boyd Veigel Building For Sale”

    • Beth

      Thanks for helping me connect the dots. I saw the great video you guys did on the 2009 Believe! Run. I saved that video on my McKinney play list on my YouTube channel. I just went over and subscribed to your channel. I hope you keep up the great McKinney videos. Thanks again!


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