U Bee Dazzled is Gone & Malaga is Serving Breakfast

 I popped over to see how the new salons were progressing on the square today and noticed that U Bee Dazzled is no longer there.  The signs are down.  Even the lettering has been removed from the door.  Their web site doesn’t indicate if they’ve moved or closed up shop. Sad.     

Dawn’s Hair Studio will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 8 AM to 6 PM, once it opens.  They’ve got their signage up and they have a web site at http://dawnshairstudio.com.  There still seems to be a bit of work to be done on the inside but it looks like it is all coming together.     

Dawn's Hair Studio

Dawn's Hair Studio


A Divine Hair Appointment Hair Salon is going in across the street in the space where Yoga Balance used to be.  I couldn’t find a web site for them.  They have their lettering on the window as well and I took a picture but the white lettering doesn’t show up against the backdrop of white paper that conceals the progress within.     

I stopped by the salon that is going in across the street from the Main Street Magic & Fun Company but I didn’t see much in the way of changes since last time.      

Mama Emila’s signs are back up and they’ve announced a new menu.  It is quite long, so I can’t transcribe it but it looks really good.  Most entrees seem to be between $13 to $20 and they have a section of fancier plates around the mid-20’s range.  The menu is a great idea and I think we’ll have to stop by sometime to try the eggplant parmisiana (sp?).     

Mama Emilia's Italian Restaurant

Mama Emilia's Italian Restaurant

Mama Emilia's on Urbanspoon

Cafe Malaga put out flyers today announcing that they will start serving breakfast Tuesday, July 27th.  Their breakfast hours will be 7am to 10am Tuesday to Sunday.  I stopped by and picked up a copy of the menu:     

Homemade English cheddar and chive buttermilk biscuit, over easy egg and maple-smoked sandwich     

Savory pototo pancake filled with garlic, caramelized onions, manchego cheese and fresh basil and cilantro from their garden topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and served with a side of cinnamon raisin pudding     

Homemade buttermilk pancakes served with two eggs (any style) and three pieces of maple-smoked bacon     

Homemade English cheddar and chive buttermilk biscuits and gravy served with two eggs (any style) and three pieces of maple smoked bacon     

Classic breakfast served with two eggs (any style), herb-fried potatoes and three pieces of maple-smoked bacon and homemade English cheddar and chive biscuit.     

Flamenco Hash-Spanish chorizo, onion, red bell peppers, garlic and potatoes sauteed with one egg baked in the middle     

Herb fried potatoes, two eggs (any style), slice hanger steak piled high on a bed of homemade gravy     

Spanish churros served with chocolate ganache     

Anyone know what ganache is?     

Cafe Malaga on Urbanspoon

In other news on the square, Ambrosia Vintage Vogue has a 20% off sale going on their regularly priced clothing and The Sample Shop has a 50% off Summer jewelry sale.  Orison’s has a special where they will transfer your favorite digital photo to a 16″ x 20″ canvas for $33.     

Orison's Promotion

Orison's Promotion


Ski Daddy has a great set up for a promotional video in their window.  It wasn’t showing anything when I went by but I am anxious to see what it shows.  Hopefully, they’ll have it looping when I go by next time.  I have a hard-core snowmobiling buddy in Idaho and I loved watching his videos, so I know how impressive those videos can be (assuming that is what they show).      

Ski Daddy Window Display

Ski Daddy Window Display


Facets has been in their new space on Lousiana Street almost a month now, I think.  Maybe two months.  At any rate, their window looks fantastic!     

Facets Window Looks Fabulous     

It doesn’t look like the Lavender House Tea Room will be re-opening.  I was never able to make it over there (they were open 11 to 4 and I work 8 to 5) but I have a neighbor who just adored the place. It’s always sad to me to see a business close, even if I’m not its target demographic.     

Lavender House Tea Room

Lavender House Tea Room


The Open House I mentioned in a previous post is at 414 Louisiana Street just off the square.  This is a prime spot for square lovers who are also “in the market”.   The open house is this Saturday but I still didn’t catch the hours.  It’s listed by Keller Williams, so I bet you could call and they’d tell you.     

Open House This Saturday

Open House This Saturday


 If you are even vaguely interested in looking at houses, check out the new house The Bungalow Company has built on Benge Street, hardly a block away from the open house.  I am so proud to have Bungalow houses being built in the area because I think it really raises the tone and helps promote the transitioning I am seeing in the Historic District where old houses are being snapped up and renovated.  A historic home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so what about a brand new house with all the modern efficiencies that just looks like an old house? Brilliant.  They also have houses on Kentucky by Finch Park and they have two lots they haven’t started on yet on the other side of the square, one on Wood and one on Kentucky (I think).      

Another Bungalow Company House

Another Bungalow Company House


Jered also has a lot over on Kentucky or Wood that they have broken ground on.  There is just so much going on in the historic district, I am going to have to spend a day just driving around and taking pictures of the renovations.      

Until next time,     

Happy Shopping!    


2 Responses to “U Bee Dazzled is Gone & Malaga is Serving Breakfast”

  1. Robin

    Ganache is so yummy! Imagine fudge with extra cream and butter whipped so its creamy and spreadable. Yum!


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