A Grand Opening, Open Houses & Sales on the Square

Diggin’ It, a new boutique of back yard art and other items, will be having their grand opening this Saturday at 10 o’clock.  It’s at 507 Tennessee Street, a couple of blocks north of the square.  It’s walkable from the square but I would probably drive there. I might be just a tad bit lazy.    

It sounds like it is going to be a real celebration. The owner, a Historic District resident and former antique merchant on the square, will have a henna tattoo artist, a chair massage person, t-shirt give-aways and lots of music to celebrate her big day.  She has one of  the prettiest back yards in town (it was on this year’s Garden Club Tour) and I am anxious to see what she will have.  I’m hoping to be able to pop by and get some shots at the opening.  Thanks to her real estate agent, Valarie Kerby, for letting me know about it!    

There is quite a lot going on on the square at the moment.  There is a sign up in the window where Decoratti was (remember, they moved into The Antique Company Mall) announcing the impending arrival of The Flea.  I originally thought that this might be The Flea that was mentioned in Patina Green’s blog but I can’t find anything to support that.  It may be completely unrelated.  If anyone knows of a web site that goes with this business, let me know so I can list it under “Downtown – Coming Soon”.   

The Flea is Coming

The Flea is Coming


Shelby & Company is expanding AGAIN.  The last time I was in, they were taking over 120’s old space (120 moved in with Smitten).  Soon, they will be taking over the space that is currently The Brier Patch.  The Brier Patch has been liquidating their inventory over the past month in a 50% off sale as they ready for retirement.  After 19 years in business, they are ready to enjoy some time off and the space will hardly be closed before it opens again as The Olive Branch, a boutique extension of Shelby & Company.  They will be carrying women’s and men’s accessories (purses, belts, wallets, jewelry, etc) and some non-boutique type clothes.  My stylist explained that they are aiming to have some of the types of clothes that aren’t currently on the square, like your basic white blouse, and the accessories to dress it up. There is still some inventory in the Brier Patch and there were open signs up as I passed by at almost 6 o’clock so you might still have a shot at some good deals there this weekend, but the clock is definitely ticking.   

Clinic Esthetica, which had moved in Shelby & Company, is going to be moving again.  According to their web site, they are moving into Suite 100 in the Historic Cotton Mill, next to the Hidden Garden, on 610 Elm Street (just east of McDonald Street as you are coming into downtown by Finch Elementary). For more information, see their web site http://www.clinicesthetica.com/.   

Walking the square, it seems like there are sales everywhere.   

Sale at The Cup Filler

Sale at The Cup Filler


Mom N POPcorn Candy Company has a neat promotion encouraging patrons to dress up according to certain themes. Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the details and it’s not on their web site.  I asked on their Facebook page and will update as soon as I know. I may have to drop by again tomorrow night to check it out.   Aww, shucks.    

The Cup Filler is having a 20% off everything sale.  All in-stock rings are 40% off, books are 75% (I don’t know if it is all books or not) and they have a 50% sale table.   

Cynthia Elliott Boutique 30% off sale and 40% off clearance items.   

Ambrosia Vintage Vogue still has a sign up for 20% of regularly priced clothes.   

Pumps had a huge sale sign out but they carried it inside their store before I got by there.   

I felt like there were just tons of sales.  These were just the ones that I actually noted.  It looks like a good shopping weekend for those that are willing to brave the warm weather.   

Sale at Cynthia Elliott

Sale at Cynthia Elliott


I’m not sure how to categorize this.  Chick Charm has devoted one of their windows to something completely unrelated to children’s charms and glitter letters – “i Candy Autowraps”.  It appears to be a way to add custom graphics or advertising to your vehicle. It might be an alternative to painting your car.  I’m not sure if this is a temporary promotion or a step towards something else. It does appear to be a McKinney business (http://icandyautowraps.com).   

Chick Charm Offers Auto Wraps

Chick Charm Offers Auto Wraps


In an effort to let people know just how cool the Historic District, I’ve been toying with having something like a “Wednesday’s House”.  Except not always on Wednesday.  The reason is because I keep hearing questions about the safety of our neighborhood and I get the distinct impression that at least some never venture off the beaten track to see how beautiful and distinctly “Rockwellian” the Historic District truly can be.  I was thinking of taking a walk each morning with my camera but am not sure if my neighbors would really appreciate that.  As I was thinking about it, three houses along my route to work put up signs that they would have open houses this weekend.    

Hmmm…. is this a sign?    

It bears repeating that I am not a real estate agent. I don’t have any relationships with any real estate agents and I can’t recommend one.  I don’t have any way of knowing about an open house unless I drive by it or someone tells me about it (and I’ll always pass on if someone tells me about it).  So, hopefully I’m not treading on any weird legal ground by observing the signs and posting pictures of the ones that look interesting.   

With that said, I went to catch shots of open houses on my route tonight but one of the open house signs wasn’t up anymore so here are two that were incredibly easy for me to find.   

There is an open house at 618 Louisiana Street, Saturday 2 to 4.   

Open House Saturday, 618 Louisiana

Open House Saturday, 618 Louisiana


There is also an open house at 703 College Street on Sunday, 1 to 3.    

Open House Sunday, 703 College

Open House Sunday, 703 College


Until next time,   

Happy Shopping!  


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