Candy Promotion, a Garage Sale and Two More Open Houses

As promised, the details on Mom N POPcorn Candy Company’s upcoming promotion:  

They are giving away free snacks of cornfetti from August 2nd to the 7th for those dressed according to the theme of the day.  

The themes are:  

Monday – 1940’s, Tuesday – 1950’s, Wednesday – 1960’s, Thursday – 1970’s, Friday -Harry Potter, Saturday, Cowboys and Indians.  

St. Michael’s Catholic Church is having their annual garage sale today and tomorrow.  It’s been pretty well picked over but there are still some large pieces of furniture left.  I liked this couch (priced at $250). It’s at 411 Paula Road, just a little west of the Historic District.   

Garage Sale at St. Micheal's

Garage Sale at St. Micheal's


Valarie Kerby, the Keller Williams real estate agent that tipped me off to the grand opening this Saturday of Diggin’ It, will be holding an open house tomorrow (Saturday) 10 to 2  at 304 S. Waddill.  I tried to get a shot in the morning when it would have had better light but I ran off this morning with my camera and no address so I had to swing by tonight. It is adorable and that is a cute part of the District.  

Open House, 304 S. Waddill

Open House, 304 S. Waddill


While I was looking for 304 S. Waddill this morning, I also ran across another open house scheduled for Sunday 2 to 4 at 307 N. Waddill.  The universe conspires to confuse me.  

Open House Sunday, 307 N. Waddill

Open House Sunday, 307 N. Waddill


I’m anxious to see the grand opening of Diggin’ It.  I have big plans for my little back yard and I figure I will be spending some time there when the weather cools enough to be able to do some more decorating.  My plan is to get some shots tonight or tomorrow and post them sometime early next week.  

Oscar (the cat) changed the Internet settings on my computer while I unwisely left the keyboard unattended. Making posts will be a little more taxing on me until I figure out exactly what he changed.  

Wish me luck!  

Until next time,  

Happy Shopping! 


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