The CupFiller Is Moving & Random News From The Square

The big news at the moment is that The Cup Filler is having a moving sale!   They will be moving to a new location on Eldorado just behind McAllister’s Deli (about a block west of I-75) at the end of the month.  Sharla’s Cosmetic will be taking over the space afterwards, expanding from cosmetics to some spa services and possibly a tea room? Personally, I’m hoping that we’ll finally get to see what is under that tin facade.  

Patina Green  Home & Market will be temporarily closed August 9th to the 23rd for a buying trip.  They’ll be going to Belgium and England to look for vintage items to bring back and sell in McKinney.  Their blog says that the crate of their European purchases should arrive in the US mid-September.  

LifeStyle Nutrition is having their ribbon cutting next Tuesday, August 10th,  at 5:30.  Free samples!  

Lone Star Wine Cellars is now having Trivia Night every Wednesday night at 7:00.  

Doll Haven is having a sale on classic Middleton dolls, $50 each.  

Doll Haven Sale

Doll Haven Sale


Thanks to Tina for the information on The Flea and the future of the old Lavender Tea House location.  The Flea, coming this summer where Decoratti used to be before moving into the Antique Company Mall, will be a secondary space for Karen Dawkins of Smitten. Karen Klassen of Spoons has rented the space formerly occupied by the Lavender Tea House. She will be opening an event center  that will have food and retail and will change seasonally.  I’ll keep an eye out on both locations.  Both Smitten and Spoons are anchor businesses on the square with a great track record.   

It looks like Mama Emilia’s Italian Restaurant has a new delivery truck. Love the Facebook emblem.  

Mama Emilia's Delivery Van

Mama Emilia's Delivery Van


A new business has set up shop in the retail space next to The Pub (where Goodhues’ Lounge used to be).  Rethink The Cube builds on-demand workspaces, so I’m not expecting this to be a big browsing stop.  

Rethink The Cube

Rethink The Cube


Don’t forget the Historical Run this weekend!  Volunteers will be gathering at 101 East Hunt in front of the library between 5 and 5:30 AM this Saturday.  The 1-mile will start at 7:45 and the 5K will start at 8:15.  It will all be over by 9:15.  You can still register to run or to volunteer on their web site.  

Cowgurl’s Blessing posted two fantastic posts from this past weekend’s shopping excursion on the square.  I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.  

Part 1 – Visits Cafe Malaga, Diggin’ It & Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop  

Part 2 – Visits Patina Green Home & Market, Heirlooms & MorningStar Treasures  

I found this article the other day about Caldwell Elementary.  Caldwell is the school you pass on Louisiana, coming into the square. When the school term starts up again this year, they will be trying out a dual-language immersion program that should produce the first crop of fully bilingual students.  Should the program work, that is.  It sounds really challenging but it could be tremendously rewarding for the students involved.  Beginning with the kindergarteners and progressing to the next grade with them as they age, all classes will alternate between being taught in English one day and Spanish the next.  They’ll have an English speaking teacher one day and Spanish speaking teacher the next.  No material will be repeated. No longer will the focus be on teaching English as a second language.  Everyone in the class will be expected to become fluent in both languages.  

It would sure have changed my life to have truly been bilingual.  Despite two years of Spanish in high school and three semesters in college,  I changed majors to avoid having to take Spanish IV. If it hadn’t been for that (and a few other factors, of course) I might be trying to teach kids how to appreciate human communication through different mediums. Shudder.  

Click here to see the Dallas Morning News article.  

Caldwell Elementary

Caldwell Elementary



Another Internet find was this DFW Reporting article, in which downtown business owner and entrepreneur Don Day hints that the downtown may be seeing residential loft apartments around downtown in the next few years.  I guess that would be the next logical step considering the success of The Bungalow Company and Jered Builders who have been building new homes with historic accents in the District for some time now. I’m just wondering if they’ll be building new buildings to suggest old warehouses or if they’ve got a space in mind. We don’t have a lot in the way of old warehouses suitable for lofts.  

Speaking of that, one of the only two open houses I could find posted for this weekend is a Jered home.  Located near Finch Park and Chestnut Square, this is a beautiful example of what these companies are doing.  This house, 1605 Howell, is newly built but it fully fits into the Historic District and is only a short distance from the square.  This house is open Sunday from 1 to 3.  

Jered Open House, 1605 Howell, Sunday 1 to 3

Jered Open House, 1605 Howell, Sunday 1 to 3


In a good example of the kind of diversity you can find in the District, 1202 N. Morris is a more modest home from the 1950’s. This home is on the very edge of the Historic District, technically just outside of it.  However, the district gerrymanders so much on the edges you can drive south on Morris from this house and drive in and out of the District. (Historic District streets have brown signs). The nice thing about the area between the District and 75 is that it is a little more uniform –  not so much variation in the sizes or maintenance of the houses. Very well manicured neighborhood.  After taking this shot this morning, I passed by one of our city’s prominent City Officers out walking his dog.   I took this shot a little askew to show that it is across the street from the adorable Murphy Park. This house is open Sunday from 1 to 4.  

Open House, 1202 N. Morris, Sunday 1 to 4

Open House, 1202 N. Morris, Sunday 1 to 4


Until next time,  

Happy Shopping! 


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