Must See Performance Scheduled to Benefit Samaritan Inn

The Samaritan Inn, Collin County’s only homeless shelter, has been in the news a lot lately, and the organization has attracted some new supporters.  On Wednesday, August 25th, Dr. Tim Seelig, Artistic Director Emeritus for the Turtle Creek Chorale, and now the Director of ‘Resounding Harmony’, a 225-voice Dallas civic chorus that is totally committed to charity, will host their first benefit event for The Samaritan Inn at the MPAC on August 25th.
This will be Resounding Harmony’s first performance since returning from Carnegie Hall, where they performed ‘Sing for the Cure’ on June 6, raising $60,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

Bob Jean Whiteman, famed Cleveland Indians organist and a familiar performer at MPAC, will kick off the show with a 30-minute roof-raising performance on MPAC’s ”Mighty Wurlitzer”.  Several members of Resounding Harmony, will then follow with a few songs before Tim presents ‘The Music Within’.   

‘The Music Within’ began as a keynote address that Tim delivered to a group of professional musicians at their annual convention in Atlanta a few months ago.  Jerry Isaacs, a McKinney resident and Resounding Harmony member, heard Dr. Seelig’s address.  Jerry said, “I was totally overwhelmed by the power of the presentation.  It was the most inspirational, enthusiastic, motivational speech that I had ever heard.  It kept the whole audience on the edge of their seats for the entire presentation.” 

Overwhelmed by the address, Jerry later approached Dr. Seelig at a Resounding Harmony social meeting and suggested a repeat performance as a benefit event for The Samaritan Inn here in McKinney.  

Tim’s first reaction to Jerry was, “What is The Samaritan Inn”? 

Jerry said, “When I told him that The Samaritan Inn is arguably the finest charity in north Texas and for sure the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Tim responded without hesitation, “Let’s do it!  And every penny of the proceeds will go directly to The Samaritan Inn.””

So, as they say … Voila! Tickets are available through the McKinney Performing Art Center.

Music Within

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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