Frozen Custard Delivered To Your Door!

Now that the heat has really ramped up, I’m pleased to say I have finally followed up on my pledge to find out about how to order the Maple.Bacon.Waffle frozen custard that won the  2010 Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank Off’s “You Made What?” category.   

Custard, Sherbert & Sorbet Delivered

Custard, Sherbert & Sorbet Delivered


The company who makes it is called Creamy Bastard and you order by e-mailing They make your order up fresh and then deliver it to your door.  I wrote and got the menu a month or so ago but didn’t get around to ordering until just recently when, after mentioning the custard to my co-workers, we agreed to all chip in and order several different flavors for a “taste-off”. I posted the results of that tasting to another blog, Living in the HD. (Click here to see that post).  

The experience was so good that I ordered three more pints for home delivery today and they just arrived.  Maple.Bacon.Waffle, Valherona Chocolate & Coconut Sherbet and Ginger & Watermelon Sorbet are sitting safe and sound in my freezer and I am just so impressed I have to let people know that this stuff exists.  

I can’t wait until their fall menu comes out (they’ve got a pumpkin spice custard that sounds yummy).  I urge you to check out their menu of currently available flavors and indulge yourself a little:  

Fleur D’Orange & Pistachio Custard      

Valherona Chocolate & Coconut Sherbet      

Beaumes-De-Venise Custard      

Double Valherona Chocolate with Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean Custard      


Calvados Custard      

Cherry & Port Custard      

Citrus & Creme Sherbet      

Spiced Wine & Fig Custard (seasonal – Summer)      

Cantaloupe Sorbet (seasonal – Summer)      

Ginger & Watermelon with Wild Flower Honey Sorbet (seasonal – Summer)   

For more information, see Creamy Bastard’s Facebook Page.  

Until next time,  

Happy Shopping! 


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