Hot Air Balloon Glow at Maylee Thomas Concert This Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, I have no idea what the occasion was, a hot air balloon floated across the morning sky not far from my home on the north edge of the Historic District.  There are a lot of perks to living here and I would say that was just another perk but what a perk!  It’s not commonplace (wouldn’t that be fantastic) but it’s got hot air balloons on my mind.

Wales Manor, the vineyard and winery that supplies the Wales Manor label wines to downtown’s Lone Star Wine Cellars, is doing something unique this Saturday evening at their Music Under The Stars concert.  Weather permitting, between 7:00 and 7:15 pm, a hot air balloonist will be performing a 30 million BTU hot air balloon glow.  Judging from the images I can get on Google, a “glow”  is when a hot air balloon is internally illuminated by the light of its burner.  against a darkening sky.   Sunset should be a few minutes before 8:00, so the twilight sky should be a great backdrop for this event.  Cameras are encouraged!

Their outdoor concert this weekend will feature the Maylee Thomas Band and will last from 7:30 to 10:15 PM.  This is a great concert venue.  Be sure to google good directions before going … the last turn can be tricky to catch.  Tickets are $10 a person at the gate and whatever wine you purchase inside.  Water and soft drinks are available for designated drivers.  Outside beverages are not allowed but they encourage you to bring a picnic basket of food to enjoy during the concert.  Lawn chairs are a very (very) good idea too as seats go fast. 

One trick is to get there early and grab a table.  The winery will be open from 11:30 am for a free tasting and tour.  They will be pressing grapes from 12 to 7:30. 

Common sense applies. You must be 21 to drink alcohol in Texas.  Wales Manor is in Texas.  They I.D.


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