Looking Forward to Fall – Upcoming Events

Are you loving the cooler weather as much as I am?  I can’t wait to be able to really enjoy being outside, maybe even wear a light sweater.  I’ve had this post prepared for about a week – all about stuff coming up in September and October and I thought I’d go ahead and shoot it off to you so you can spend some time daydreaming about things you might want to do when God stops trying to melt us.

This is a random video of Jon Christopher Davis playing Seven Spanish Angels out at one of Wales Manor’s Music Under the Stars.  An outdoor concert is high on my list of want-to-do’s. In fact, he’s playing out there again on October 2nd.  I may just have to pencil that in.

Chestnut Square has announced their Oktoberfest Warm-Up which will be held in the Bevel House September 10th from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. This will be a much smaller affair than the city’s Oktoberfest coming up later in the month. They’ll be serving Franconia beer (light & dark) and Cafe Malaga will be catering a German dinner.   The Vorstand des Texanischen Schuhplatter Vereins, a German heritage group out of Grand Prairie, will be performing authentic German dancing and accordionist Bob Cantin will be keeping the ambience appropriately German. There will be limited seating for this indoor/outdoor event and tickets are required.  Check out their site for more information.

The real deal, the city’s Oktoberfest celebration, will be on Friday and Saturday, September 24th and 25th.  Festivities begin at 4 o’clock on Friday and 10 o’clock on Saturday and run to 11 PM on both nights.  (Don’t forget, the bars are still open after that. )  In past Oktoberfests, what they’ve done is set up a fence around the streets surrounding the courthouse to define a serving area where they can sell beer and wine.  This year they’ll be serving up McKinney’s own Franconia , of course, and a Denmark brew called Warsteiner.  Beer will be $5 each.  Last year, they had two different sound stage going, one on each side of the square and there were dancers literally everywhere.  McKinney has some to-die-for dance troupes, by the way.  There will be some free activities for the kids along with several available for a small fee – like face painting, pony and train rides. Activities and the entertainment schedules have yet to be announced.  Keep an eye on the Main Street’s web site for more information.

The North Texas History Center is hosting a Girl Scout Workshop on September 18th that will help them complete three out of the four requirements for earning their Listening to the Past Try-it.  The workshop will cost $4 per girl and will include hearing stories at the museum, playing nostalgic games and touring McKinney downtown.  Reservations are required.  For more information, see their web site.

Don’t forget that Patina Green’s recent purchases in Europe should be arriving in McKinney sometime in September too.

Halloween, believe it or not, is already looming large on the square too. Petals & Vine announced on their Facebook page last week that they have already got their Halloween inventory in and I noticed last weekend that Smitten is beginning to see the odd plastic spider spinning in amongst their wares as well.

Chestnut Square has released a promotional video for the 2010 Ghost Walk scheduled for October 23rd and October 30th this year and tickets are already available from their web site.  Packages are available from the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC) that bundle up a Ghost Walk tour with a performance at MPAC and a hotel stay.  The ghost walk this year will include the Taylor House and the Dulaney House & Cottage in Chestnut Square along with the McKinney Performing Arts Center, Churchill’s British Pub, the old Collin County Prison, Landon’s Winery, the Main Street Magic & Fun Company, MorningStar Treasures and the Pantry Restaurant. This is not a structured tour.  You don’t have to start at any one location.  There are storytellers at each location.  When you pay for your ticket, you get a wristband and then you can pick the order in which you visit each location.  Check out the teaser video they posted earlier this month.  (And, yes, the URL at the end is misspelled. They know).

I talked to the ladies at Smitten and Scare on the Square will be on Friday this year, October 29th.  This is a great event and worth taking an afternoon off from work for.  Children and parents swarm the square, usually around 4:00, for candy and fun.  Photographers, be forewarned, the cuteness quotient is off the charts for this event.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


3 Responses to “Looking Forward to Fall – Upcoming Events”

    • Beth

      I’m keeping my ear to the ground but there is some great stuff happening the weekend before and the weekend after. For future reference, the weekend of the second Saturday in the month is generally the best weekend in McKinney. Don’t worry. There will be cool stuff to do. October in Texas rocks! (disclaimer: it can be hot in October too but it can also be super great).

  1. Robin

    Awesome! I’m just so excited to see you, I don’t really care what we do 🙂


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