This Weekend Downtown and a “Wow” Moment

I haven’t been posting as much as the summer has been winding down and my husband and I have been wringing the last little bit of summer fun out of the lake.  I have a feeling that that is about to change within the next few weeks. I’m anxious for Oktoberfest, Scare on the Square and Dickens.  I’ve also started taking a pottery class at The Art House of McKinney and can’t wait to finish something that I can take a picture of and post. 

With Oktoberfest coming up the weekend after this one and having just had a Second Saturday weekend, the square is looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend this week.  (That is intended as tongue-in-cheek because there is no such thing as a quiet weekend on the square).

While I was listing the music to be found on the square this weekend, I ran across a real “wow” moment.  Listen to Anna Thomas.  She is playing at Lone Star Wine Cellars this Friday.  Her web site says she is only 13.  Wow. 

Before I heard Anna sing on YouTube, the thing I was most (feeling silly about this now) excited about was Cowboy Slim and Hank the Cowdog.  Yeah, silly, I know … but it sounds like such a fun and innocent diversion from the real world.  Apparently, Hank the Cowdog is a humorous children’s book series, possibly a play or musical comedy.  I’m not real sure.  Cowboy Slim, the person relating Hank’s adventures looks like a accounting professor with a sense of whimsy.  I mean that in the nicest possible way. Really, I do.  Bob Newhart was a CPA.  It’s a good club to be in.  I wouldn’t be suprised to find out Slim is really a bank president.  So there.  Cowboy Slim will be at The North Texas History Center at 11 AM on Saturday spinning tales of Hank the Cowdog to kids of all ages.  A $1 donation is requested, I’m assuming per attendee.  That doesn’t  mean you can’t donate more.   Check out their web site for more information (and a cool picture of Cowboy Slim on the home page).  

By the way, they’ll be starting a historical fiction reading group for kids 10 and up. The startup meeting is next Wednesday, September 22nd from 3 to 4. 

The Wurlitzer will be in play again this weekend at the McKinney Performing Arts Center with the Lowdown on Highbrow show presented by the North Texas Chapter American Theatre Organ Society & The McKinney Community Band.  This may turn out to have a pretty good showing.  In addition to flyers being absolutely everywhere downtown, I actually had a friend tell me about it … evidence that it is getting some good grapevine traction. Tickets are $13 in advance and $16 at the door.  See the McKinney Performing Arts Center’s site for more info.

The McKinney Youth Theatre will be performing an hour long variety style show called Broadway! at the Heard-Craig Hall from 7:15 to 9 on Friday and Saturday with a matinée on Sunday.  This show will play Oktoberfest weekend too.  For more information, see their web site. (I know the web site says Plano’s Children’s Theatre but there are two locations – one in Plano and one in McKinney).  Tickets are $7 through their web site, may be $9 at the door.  The city’s flyer just says $7/$9, so I’m not sure what the $9 price is.

Live Music (I looked but couldn’t find links for everyone):

Cafe Malaga – Zane Williams (Friday), Shane Frame Band (Saturday)

Cadillac Pizza Pub – Gunpoint (Friday), Gravity Feed (Saturday)

Spoons Cafe – Brent Burwell (Friday), Michael Anderson & Soul Vacation (Saturday)

Landon Winery – Ryli Dylan (Friday), Dueling Mikes (Saturday)

Lone Star Wine Cellars – Anna Thomas (Friday), Steve Rose (Saturday)

Coffee N Cream will also have music Friday and Saturday from 7 to 9 and Rick’s Chophouse will have live music in the bar but I’m not sure which night (might be both).

Did anyone make it to Chestnut Square’s Oktoberfest warm-up last weekend?  How did it go?

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!


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