Chocolate Fashion Show and Antique Sales This Weekend

A Touch of Heaven Salon Boutique on Chestnut Street next door to the North Texas History Center (or Old Post Office Museum to you old timers) will be hosting a runway fashion show this coming Saturday focusing on the latest trends in holiday hairstyles.  The event will get under way around 1 pm and the models are to hit the runway at 1:30.   There will be a chocolate fountain and will be there producing a video segment for broadcast on YouTube.

The Old Red Lumberyard is having what they are expecting to be the last weekend sale for the year.  Note that the sale will be on Friday and Saturday this month … no Sunday sale!  This is a collection of antique vendors that meet monthly with their most recent finds.  Items to be sold (at least some of them) are spotlighted on their Facebook Page.

I noted a comment on their page about an alley sale somewhere downtown.  I’m pretty sure that that is going to be Heirlooms, another great antique stop in downtown McKinney.  I’ll be checking to confirm date and hours and will update this post sometime during the week.  

I also noticed a blog post the other day about a new “hyper-local community news and connection portal” that will be coming on-line soon called  I’ve added the link under Community links but it isn’t on-line yet.  I’m interested to see what it turns out to be.

There’s a lot of new stuff to check out this weekend too.  Giggle Brush Designs is coming right along.  The space that YogaUnity was in (where is it now?) is looking great. This shot is from last weekend. I’m not sure what it is going to be.

(Update 11/6: YogaUnity is now Brick House Yoga and yoga classes and belly dance lessons are continuing uninterrupted while the downstairs is being redone. See their link under Downtown Active Lifestyles. I am working on getting more information about the new business going in the downstairs and I’ll put up a new post as soon as I know something.  Real life kind of ate up my time this week.)

Building Redo in Downtown

Building Redo in Downtown

They are also hiring. I’m not sure what the business is, but they’re hiring.  Facets is the natural stone jewelry store next to Palace Barber Shop.

Someone Is Hiring

Someone Is Hiring

There are a couple of new cute salon/boutiques open.  Kiss and Makeup is open for business next door to Stained Glass of McKinney.

Kiss and Makeup Salon Boutique

Kiss and Makeup Salon Boutique

Primp has opened up where Facets used to be, next to Harry’s Boot and Shoe Repair.

Primp Salon

Primp Salon

The other side of this sandwich board advertises Spa Cindy, which has a web site,

The pace is certainly picking up downtown. This is going to be a great Christmas shopping season. 

Don’t forget to check Destination McKinney for the latest entertainment news (as well as much , much more).  There is no way I can keep up.

If you know of more sales this weekend, let me know and I’ll add it to this post!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping!

3 Responses to “Chocolate Fashion Show and Antique Sales This Weekend”

  1. Raena

    I’m the bellydance instructor on site and can share that YogaUnity has transferred the ownership to Shannon Caldwell and is now officially Brick House Yoga – The new signs and such will be coming along as the (also new) building owner finishes up the facade redo.

    Don’t worry, the yoga classes and bellydance classes ( will continue uninterrupted so please share the news and come visit us! 🙂

    • Beth

      Fantastic! The building is looking great and I know several of my neighbors are yoga enthusiasts. I was a little worried that it had moved. Glad to know it didn’t.

  2. Shannon Caldwell

    Shannon here from newly minted Brick House Yoga on downtown McKinney. You actually caught a snap shot of me handing out candy when you took a picture of the new facade. I’m in the Stars jersey, sweating and smiling profusely 🙂

    There is still great yoga classes going on….there’s just a lot of transitions going on. There is a new owner of the building as of September 15. He is busy, busy, busy updating the outside of the building and getting the downstairs ready for its new tenant. I took over ownership/management of Yoga Unity as of November 1 and am busy, busy, busy in the transition as well.

    I’m looking forward to being in the downtown McKinney area! Thanks for adding us to the active lifestyles links!


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